This is not only for America but every other nation. People everywhere stand up, demand the truth, no matter where it leads. I am hearing things I don't want to believe about our leaders. I was one of over 5,000 who received this e-mail this morning.


Let's talk about the TRUTH of September 11. There was TREMENDOUS collusion among our military, the FAA, and others which enabled the planes to hit the WTC and the Pentagon. Across the water from New York City in New Jersey there is a VERY special missile battery which is designed to knock down ANY planes which fly toward buildings in NYC. There is also a very special radar on Long Island operated by the FAA designed specifically to detect any planes which are veering off the normal flight patterns and toward the buildings of NYC. There are squadrons of interceptor military jets in Massachusetts which are triggered to scramble and intercept any planes trying to fly into NYC airspace over buildings. ALL of these VERY SOPHISTICATED protections FAILED on September 11 at the SAME TIME! They failed because they were PURPOSELY TURNED OFF!

Every single person who turned off these systems and who conspired or took orders to help turn off these protections is GUILTY OF MURDER, the MURDER of 6,000 people on September 11th!

And what about the Pentagon? The Pentagon was placed on HIGH ALERT over 30 minutes BEFORE the plane attack. This means that ALL the Pentagon's defense systems should have been at a hair-trigger defense alert status. The Pentagon has THREE extremely SOPHISTICATED DEFENSE SYSTEMS! There are actually TWO radar systems which monitor the air space around the Pentagon. There is the regular FAA radar system which has ALARMS that go off when an airplane veers off of approved flight paths. The air space over the Pentagon and White House are DEFINITELY OFF LIMITS and the FAA radar systems must have been going off like sirens while the plane flew over through those TOTALLY RESTRICTED air spaces. There are interceptor military jets NEARBY which automatically are scrambled if there are ANY PLANES flying into the RESTRICTED air space over the Pentagon or the White House! In addition, the Pentagon itself has it's own low altitude 10,000 to 15,000 feet radar with alarms that go off if any plane flies into the RESTRICTED air space at low altitudes above the Pentagon. A plane approaching the Pentagon at low altitude sets off an automatic triggering of a battery of missiles around the Pentagon which give a warning to any plane within 5,000 to 10,000 feet of the Pentagon. If the plane fails to change course, these sophisticated missiles FIRE automatically at anything within about 1,000 feet and are designed to bring down any flying object at least 500 feet before it reaches the Pentagon!

So WHAT happened to all these DEFENSE systems at the Pentagon? They were purposely TURNED OFF by Pentagon insiders. Just like the defense systems designed to protect NYC were TURNED OFF!

What does this mean? It means that OUR GOVERNMENT had the COOPERATION of MANY people in the FAA, the U.S. Military, U.S. intelligence agencies, airport security personnel in Boston and many other people in staging these 9/11 attacks. To have all these defense systems FAIL at the same time took GREAT PLANNING and COORDINATION by people INSIDE our government. INSIDERS TURNED OFF the defense systems and helped MURDER 6,000 innocent [people].

Furthermore, it is highly likely that the FAA was directly involved in CAUSING the planes to hit the WTC and Pentagon. I've learned that the FAA has a SECRET technology which can take over the flying of planes from a remote FAA location. Experts knowledgeable about this secret FAA technology believe that the planes were CONTROLLED remotely by this FAA technology which flew the planes into the WTC and the Pentagon.

The information above PROVES that WE have ZERO RIGHT to be taking military action in the Middle East....

Let’s Talk About the Truth
An excerpt from "NESARA Now! We Have the Right to Know the Truth”
By Gary Larrabee

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 10 December 2001

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