What happens when oil cartel tyrants try to appeal to normal people--they f*ck up bad.


Does the current U.S. Government think that people are stupid? In 1959, maybe all the president had to do was point at something and call it evil. This is 2001. We know what COINTELPRO is. We know what U.S. detention camps are. We know what the BATF is. We know about the CIA and crack. And yet, a handful of old rich white men think that they are fooling us with their laughable "Osama videos" and "secret nuclear documents"? I mean, really.

The plot of September 11th is almost as weak as the plot of CBS's new CIA propaganda docu-drama. When you saw the World Trade Center fall, didn't you just know that a former business associate of the Bush family would be responsible? Somehow, whenever a Bush becomes president, the U.S. goes to war with one of Bush's old buddies (see: Noriega, Saddam Hussein). So it was no surprise when corporate media slacks were gushing about Osama bin Laden only hours later.

Soon after, the official version is released: Osama did do it, but we don't get to see the evidence. Tony Blair gets to see it. Not even the Taliban gets to see it. But whatever the evidence is, it is some really damning evidence. That, we are reassured, is definitely true. Yes sir - pages and pages of convincing evidence.

But then comes the confusing part. If that evidence is so convincing, why are two videotapes with obscure references made by Osama such big news?

The first video came out around the middle of November. Headlines everywhere screamed: "Osama confession: I Did It!" But if you read the article, he didn't say that. What he did say is:

“The Twin Towers were legitimate targets; they were supporting U.S. economic power. These events were great by all measurement. What was destroyed were not only the towers, but the towers of morale in that country ... If avenging the killing of our people is terrorism then history should be a witness that we are terrorists. Yes, we kill their innocents and this is legal religiously and logically.”

Huh? This is the same rhetoric Osama has been using for years. It doesn't say that he planned the attacks around September 11th. But every corporate media outlet ran this story as if he had. For such a swaggering, indignant and bloodthirsty terrorist, he sure does mince words. Why doesn't he just come out and say it if he did?

And now, the "smoking gun" ... the second video tape, which hit the corporate media this week. Apparently, in this tape, Osama bin Laden is bragging about September 11th. I wager that absent "creative translating," this tape will be a big a flop as the last one. Apparently, Dick and Don thought that we'd be happy to just hear that the tape existed. Actually, dumbasses, we want to see the tape.

But already the Defense Department is softening us for a big let-down. They aren't releasing the tape until they get it "right," says department spokeswoman Victoria Clarke. "Among other things, we're working on a transcript. It is not a great quality tape, and so, sections of it are unintelligible even if you're a good Arabic speaker." Ooops! Muffled quotes that aren't so translatable. Tough luck.

And then comes the biggest flop of the "second videotape." Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz hit the Sunday politics shows, defensively belittling "conspiracy theories." Note to Junta Dictators: officials aren't supposed to acknowledge the conspiracies. It just makes people more suspicious about why you won't specifically address them. Instead, you are supposed to feign ignorance as if you never heard of such a thing.

Nonetheless, Paul Wolfowitz tells Sam Donaldson: "And hopefully, maybe, we'll stop hearing anymore of these insane conspiracy theories that somehow the U.S. has made this up or somebody else did it." On the same day, he's on CNN saying this: "I mean I hope people might quit with these wild conspiracy theories that suggest that someone else [did it]. And you know, they get pretty wild around the world." Never mind that the Bush Administration's version is what happened is ... well, a conspiracy theory. Not only that, but a conspiracy theory which has no evidence -- "credible" or not.

In fact, the military-oil cartel in charge of this country isn't as bright as they might appear under 4 tons of make-up on CNN. Their piss-poor propaganda war does nothing to quell suspicions of Mossad, CIA or oil/drug cartel-backed motivations for allowing or planning September 11th. If anything, the hackneyed and 1970 production values of their ridiculous version of events and posturing against "evil" is making us all uneasy. Really, really uneasy.

The only hope I have is that the ebb and flow of protests around the world will turn into a tidal wave which washes away the sadistic, capitalistic military leftovers of the most bloody century in history.

Dragnet Generation Tries to Fool X-Files Generation
By anonymous anarchist.


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 12 December 2001
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=104761

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