[Conspiracy rubbisher referred to him/herself as “no-one” on the Independent Newswire]

Hey, no one! I know damn f*cking well you have been trying to use the "distraction" argument to stop people from getting the real information which will enable us to cut off the Gorgon of capitalism's head as opposed to throwing rocks at its feet, to only get gassed and jailed. This "distraction" isn't some medusa, to which people look at the reading material, and then they will turn to stone and never protest again. What does COINTELPRO have to gain by wasting a few seconds of reading on legitimate data of foreknowledge of attacks?

I add further, that tons of other writers on Indymedia have posted tons of mainstream articles which prove beyond shadow of a doubt, [that 9 -11 government foreknowledge and collusion] is a valid topic!

Bush let 3,000 New Yorkers die, for whatever reason. It serves his best interest to have us all so paranoid about bogus theories--that a debacle that shadows Watergate gets ignored. The f*cker got away with the elections by the people being hoodwinked. Do you think us so stupid, No one? Given the fact that you pigs like us to protest, since you beat the shit out of us, and then get to jail us, (which involves fingerprinting us, and otherwise encroaching on our freedom from blacklisting and future harassment), I'd hardly consider your argument that us being held back from protesting is a good thing.

Silence is a bad thing. But it's far worse if we can find real shit to turn the rest of the world against you, instead of being labeled idiot hippies "who rant and chant." Our anger is manageable by just a few pigs, right? An entire nation and especially, grieved New Yorkers, getting mad as hell at Bush is far more dangerous to you. Go protest, everyone. Go find skeletons in these assholes’ closets, too. They are just as fun!!

By kesmohabi

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 17 January 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=120198

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