Superficially, it all seemed straightforward enough. According to the official story, about 19 suicidal Middle Eastern terrorists, their hearts full of hatred for American freedom and democracy, hijacked four airliners, crashing two into the twin towers of New York City's World Trade Center and a third into the Pentagon. The fourth reportedly crashed in western Pennsylvania after passengers attempted to fight the terrorists.

But a series of disturbing questions have arisen. Among them:

* Why was the US military preparing war plans against Afghanistan months before the September 11 attacks? Were they just looking for some event to propel the normally disinterested American public into a war as in the past?

* How could paper documents incriminating bin Laden be found intact at the WTC but the plane's black recording boxes designed to withstand crashes and fire damaged beyond use?

* Even days and weeks after the WTC attack, why were news cameramen prevented from photographing the ruins from certain angles?

** CBS correspondent Lou Young asked, "What are they afraid we're going to see?"

* Why was the NYPD liaison to the FBI sent packing as a "security risk" as reported in the October 16 New York Times? Whose security is at risk? The FBI? What is it that the bureau does not want NYPD to know?

* How could an obviously sophisticated terrorist plan involving perhaps as many as 100 persons and in the works for five years escape the notice of our intelligence services, especially the FBI and CIA? And why, instead of cashiering those responsible for this intelligence failure and totally restructuring these agencies are we doubling their budgets?

* Why did the South Tower collapse first when it was not as extensively damaged as the North Tower, which burned for almost an hour and a half before collapsing?

* Why did many witnesses claim to hear further explosions within the buildings? And why did the destruction of the WTC towers appear more like a controlled implosion than a tragic accident?

* Why did FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledge that the list of named hijackers might not contain their real names? Doesn't everyone have to show a photo ID to claim a boarding pass? Where was the normal security?

* Why was there a discrepancy of 35 names between the published passenger lists and the official death toll on all four of the ill-fated flights?

** As none of these listed passengers had an Arabic-sounding names, how did the government know which were the hijackers?

* Why did the seat numbers of the hijackers given by a cell phone call from Flight Attendant Madeline Amy Sweeney to Boston air traffic control not match the seats occupied by the men the FBI claimed were responsible?

* Since Saudi Arabia's foreign minister claimed five of the proclaimed hijackers were not aboard the death planes and are in fact still alive and a sixth man on that list was reported alive and well in Tunisia, why are these names still on the FBI list?

* Why were none of the named hijacker's names on any of the passenger lists? If they all used aliases, how did the FBI identify them so quickly?

* Why did one of the named hijackers take luggage on a suicide flight, then leave it along with an incriminating note in his car at the airport?

* As for the overall investigation into the September attacks, by late October US authorities conceded that most of their promising leads for finding accomplices and some of their long-held suspicions about several suspects have unraveled, according to The New York Times. Since more than 800 people have been arrested and more than 365,000 tips have been received from the public, why has nothing substantial been forthcoming in the largest US criminal investigation in history?

* Why are none of the nearly 100 people still being sought by the Federal Bureau of Investigation seen as major suspects?

* Why are we bombing Afghanistan when apparently none of the listed hijackers were Afghans, but instead Arabs from various Middle Eastern nations?

** Since Iraq was implicated in the 1993 WTC attack, why are we not bombing that "rogue" nation?

* Why does the heavy drinking and searching for hookers by some of the hijackers in Boston, as reported by Reuters News Service, sound more like mercenaries carousing before a mission than pious religious fundamentalists about to meet their Maker?

* How did the terrorists obtain top-secret White House and Air Force One codes and signals, the excuse for hustling President Bush all across the country on September 11? Was this evidence of an inside job or was it, as reported by Fox News, evidence that former FBI employee and double agent Robert Hanssen delivered an updated version of the purloined computer software Promis to his Russian handlers who passed it along to bin Laden? Does this software, which was stolen from a US company during the Reagan Administration by Justice Department officials under Attorney General Ed Meese, allow outsiders carte blanche entry to our top security computers? (Hanssen's last job before being arrested as a spy was to upgrade the FBI's intelligence computer systems).

* If United Flight 93 crashed as the result of a struggle between heroic passengers and the hijackers, why did witnesses tell of a second plane which followed it down, where falling burning debris, no deep crater, and crash wreckage spread over a six-mile area are indicative of an aerial explosion?

* Why did news outlets describe the throat-cutting and mutilation of passengers on Flight 93 with box cutters when Time magazine on September 24 reported that one of the passengers called home on a cell phone to report, "We have been hijacked. They are being kind"?

* As Internet commentator Gary North stated, "We need a theory of the coordinated hijackings that rests on a plausible cause-and-effect sequence that does not assume the complete failure of both check-in procedures and the on-board seating procedures on four separate flights on two separate airlines. I don't see how anyone can make an accurate judgment about who was behind the attacks until he has a plausible explanation of how hijackers got onto the planes and were not removed."

* But the Federal government aided by a sycophantic mass media did not allow such rational thinking to interfere with a rush to judgment that Osama bin Laden was the culprit behind the attacks.

From Dick Eastman in an e-mail dated 29 December 2001, entitled, “It's Time to End the Charade. The Administration Has Been Caught in a Mass-Murder Frame-Up to Start a War for Oil and Drug Profits"

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