Bin Laden Did NOT Unplug US Air Defense on 9.11
And US Intel Services Before 9.11

Americans Need to WAKE UP NOW!

Total, deliberate, across-the-boards stand-down of America's air defense system. Bin Laden did NOT unplug US air defense on 911, and US intel services before 911
*** Americans need to WAKE UP NOW!


A fair amount of circumstantial evidence indicates that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda operatives had full prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks on America, and most likely were complicit in the planning and execution of the mass atrocity. Of course, absolutely NO solid, hard evidence has been presented which could PROVE this, and extensively doctored and/or manufactured phony "evidence" presented so far by the BushMob, like their patently -- and laughably -- fraudulent "smoking gun" video production with the chubby Latino-Caribbean bin Laden look-alike, would seem to have pretty much irreparably damaged any case against UBL and company.

However: There is something VERY, very important that ALL the American people need to realize, right NOW.

No matter how deeply bin Laden and Al Qaeda operatives MAY have been involved in the September 11 WTC attack, that bunch was NOT -- and COULD NOT have been -- responsible for the total, deliberate, across-the-boards stand-down of America's air defense system that morning.

The highest levels of U.S. federal government authority HAD to have been responsible for those acts of utter, vicious treachery and treason.

Moreover: bin Laden and Al Qaeda could NOT have been -- and WERE not -- responsible for tying the hands and gagging the mouths of US intelligence agencies, regarding MANY pre-9.11 investigations into actions of suspected terrorists in the U.S. and abroad; and regarding other investigations triggered by numerous tip-offs, heads-up, warning signs, and other indications that a "terrorist" strike against the US was imminent.

According to many verified news reports, the same highest levels of U.S. federal government authority such as GEORGE W. BUSH were directly responsible for hobbling, gagging and stifling U.S. intelligence agencies in the weeks and months preceding 9.11, to keep them from uncovering the vast treachery behind the attacks.

O(U)sama bin Laden and Al Qaeda WERE NOT RESPONSIBLE for those two CRUCIAL, LINCHPIN factors in the whole 9.11 atrocity.

Without the gagging and hobbling of non-compromised U.S. intelligence sectors prior to 9.11, and the unilateral unplugging of the U.S. air defense system ON 9.11, the attacks upon America COULD NOT HAVE TAKEN PLACE.

The astonishing and UNILATERAL unplugging and stand-down of the U.S. air defense system on September 11 is surely the single most blatant and unavoidable indication of DEEP complicity in the 9.11 attacks at the VERY highest levels of the U.S. government.

Numerous Air National Guard/Air Force interceptor units on the East Coast were deliberately and treasonously ordered to stand down and not respond to ATC/FAA alerts on Sept. 11, in direct contradiction to established, in-force and on-line military procedures and protocols to be followed by those sectors responsible for the DEFENSE of America's skies.

Traitors at the very highest level of the executive branch, and numerous accomplices and accessories throughout the federal government, violated their most solemn oath to defend and protect the United States, as America's air defense system was unplugged on 9.11. Not only were interceptors across the East Coast prevented from scrambling: NORAD, the military agency charged with monitoring EVERY SINGLE AIRBORNE OBJECT within North American skies, as well as missile defense and other defensive/warning systems, were ALL stood down and ordered NOT to take any defensive/preventive actions or sound any alerts, with regard to the multiple hijackings taking place across the Eastern U.S. that morning.

Non-compromised/non-complicit U.S. intelligence service personnel, as exemplified by now-deceased former FBI agent John O'Neill, had their hands tied and were NOT allowed to do their jobs in the days, weeks and months preceding the WTC attack -- upon orders from GEORGE W. BUSH, JOHN ASHCROFT, and other traitors.

O'Neill was an FBI deputy director who'd been aggressively investigating terrorist activity in the U.S. on the part of Saudi agents linked to -- guess who! -- bin Laden.

O'Neill, forced to stand down by the arch-traitor and global criminal BUSH, resigned from the FBI in July, in disgust at this outrageous and intolerable obstruction.

(In a doubly-unfortunate, perhaps LESS than coincidental, ironic twist, O'Neill got a security job at the World Trade Center and was killed on his first day of work, Sept. 11.)

The late O'Neill is but one of many persons of integrity in the U.S. intelligence agencies that were prevented by BUSH from investigating MASSIVELY corroborated reports of an imminent terrorist attack against America; AND prevented from following the (money) trail for this entire can of worms, RIGHT to the ULTIMATE MASTERMINDS of the WTC attack at the VERY highest levels of power and influence: high-ranking members of the Bush Crime Cabal/CFR/Bilderbergers/Illuminati/NWO//4th Reich themselves.

We MUST root out bush and ALL these traitors and their accessories/accomplices or our Republic is dead.

We WILL prevail because we MUST prevail; we cannot fail.

Blaming Bush
Bin Laden Did NOT Unplug US Air Defense on 9.11
And US Intel Services before 9.11
Americans Need to WAKE UP NOW!
By yeh
2 January 2002

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 5 January 2002

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