Living and Migrating to the Islamic States of the Khilafa (ISK)

Let's look at reality...

Who created the Jews?
That's an easy one! Allah Did!

Were/Are the Jews the "Chosen People"?

Well, yes the Jews were as a matter of fact "chosen" to establish "justice" on earth for humanity regardless of ethnicity or religion or belief-system.

But as we all know, the historical fact is that, the Jews tried to play tricks. They persecuted many Prophets of Allah, in spite of clear signs/miracles shown to them and experienced by them. Example: After Moses rescued the Jews (with help from Allah, by parting the sea etc.) from the Pharaoh, the Jews insisted on manufacturing the golden calf only to worship it, instead of Allah. Not to mention the persecution of the Prophet Jesus by the Jews of his time. The song remains the same. So yes indeed, the Jews were given many, many opportunities to worship Allah and establish Allah's Laws, but instead they have opted to establish treachery.

Example of this [treachery] is the practice of "interest" based financial transactions. The Jews can charge "interest" to a non-Jew, but the Jew is forbidden from doing it to another Jew. The same goes with the Liquor industry in the US for instance.

So in short, the Jewish priests and lawmakers have distorted the Laws of Allah in their scriptures such that non-Jews are open game for treachery. This explains the origins of the teachings of modern day Zionism or Zionist-Judaism.

So then who are the "chosen people"?

The "chosen people" are the ones from among humanity who establish Allah's Laws in order to bring about justice and peace for all humans, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Obviously you have to be a worshipper of Allah in order to be worthy of being chosen to take up the task of establishing justice and peace for all humans, which includes humans ranging from atheists to Zionist-Jews. Yes even Zionist-Jews are included in the equation of Justice!

This task in our times is meant for the Muslim. But Muslims will have to be independent to be able to take up the task. Muslims will have to have a working prototype of The Islamic State (Khilafah) in order to demonstrate the benefits of Allah’s Laws for all of humanity (this includes atheists, infidels, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Zionist-Jews, etc....)

So are the Jews taking over the world?

I am not sure about Jewish plans, but the way Zionist-Jewry is moving, coupled with the fact that their doctrine teaches them to exploit non-Jews, it is quite apparent to the one who observes that Zionist-Jews do control most of the media and the financial infra-structure of most of the Western world. And in our times, it is obvious that Israel or at the very least the Zionist-Jews of America control America in general.

So then what about Saudi-Arabia?

Well, this article coming from Saudi-Arabia is more of a distraction from the real issue at hand, than anything else.

You see the illegitimate nation-state of Saudi-Arabia was created (drawn-out) by the British as one of the means (probably the most crucial means, because of the location of the 2 of the 3 most holy cities in Islam--Mecca and Medina; the 3rd being Jerusalem) to destroy the Islamic States of The Khilafah (ISK).

So why was the Islamic States of The Khilafah destroyed?

The destruction was basically official (mandated by Britain) around 1920. This is not too long ago. The reason that the ISK was destroyed was that Muslims had been given the task (by Allah) of establishing and maintaining justice and peace in the world for all humans regardless of race, gender, religion etc. This was in direct opposition to the imperialist plans of Britain and Zionists in particular and the other imperial nations in general, example: France, Germany, and later the USA etc. As long as there was no super-power who could oppose the imperialist plans, economic slavery imposed by imperialists on weak and poor nations would go smoothly!

Why do the imperialists want to exploit everyone else?

Can we all just get along?

You see the imperialist thinks and lives like a parasite.

It has to have luxury. But in order to have luxury, it has to be dishonest and exploit weaker nations. So it (i.e. the imperialist) justifies exploiting, looting, maiming, raping, killing weaker nations in order to live a luxurious life. Example: cheap human resources used to manufacture that nike shoes, cheap natural resources such as petroleum used for that sports-utility-vehicle etc.

Is there a system of governance that is fair to all humans and promotes freedom and justice (automatically leading to peace and stability or tranquility) for all humans, regardless of their religious affiliations?

Yes there is. It's called Islam. "Islam" is rich in meaning.

In general, the world "Islam" has the connotation of being in a state of peace. Islam is literally a "religion", i.e. "a way of life". It entails everything relating to the governance of the lives of humans, both Muslims and non-Muslims, with justice and integrity.

Can the Islamic States of The Khilafah be established in this day and age?

This one is quite simple actually! All that a so-called "Muslim" nation needs to do is declare itself a "Khilafah" and abolish the "pass-port" immigration system mandated by the UN and designed by the imperialists.

The immigration-system of The Islamic States of The Khilafah would be "the declaration of one's will [in] submission to Allah and the witnessing that Mohammed is his last messenger".

So then how are non-Muslims included in this immigration-system of The Islamic States of The Khilafah?

The simple answer: a non-Muslim will be given a special permit allowing him/her to reside in the ISK but for a specified duration of time, after which (s)he will have to renew his/her residence or apply for permanent residency or citizenship. When (s)he is accepted as a citizen of ISK, then (s)he will be considered a "dimmi" (a non-Muslim citizen of ISK). There are special laws pertaining to a "dimmi", of which the most obvious one is the payment of "jizya". It is a tax levied on a non-Muslim for his/her protection from foreign forces. ISK will be responsible for the safety and security of a "dimmi". There are many aspects relating to the benefits of living in an ISK whether one is a Muslim or a non-Muslim.

Islam is Not the Enemy
Living and Migrating to the Islamic States of The Khilafa (ISK)

Whatever You Do, You Can’t Evade Reality!
By Juice
As a Comment To: “Saudi Daily: ‘The Jews Are Taking Over the World’”

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 7 January 2002

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