We all know, the times are changing. Many believe that we are in the end times, some have even said that the time of Tribulation is upon us. This is true. The time of Tribulation has finally come. The closing chapter is finally being read. The final acts are being played out. All things on earth have beginnings and endings. This is true whether it is a human being, a nation, a continent or an epoch. This epoch of humanity is closing. Therefore, a closing must come. Ancient ways and ancient days Will only hold you back.

The world we know is ending. Is this so bad? Are we really going to miss the old order? Can anyone honestly say that you like the world the way it is?

Maybe you should start rethinking the Biblical prophecy. If it is frightening to you, maybe you should ask yourself who you have been serving. Do you or anyone else really understand Bible prophecy correctly? Maybe you should even begin questioning who wrote the Bible with 66 books and over 30 authors and for what purpose?

We will have to give up things. But remember that by sacrificing we will get in return a thousand years of peace and prosperity. Remember that sacrifice comes from the word sacred which comes from a Latin word which means to make holy or to return to God. are being asked to sacrifice. But if you understand that the sacrifice you are being asked to make is simply to return the planet to God, then the sacrifice will be much easier to make.

Returning this planet to its pristine state is the sacrifice you will be asked to make. Returning everything upon the planet to the same state of innocence and purity that existed before you arrived...that is your mission. You came to this planet to learn or to teach and if you are willing to learn you have nothing to fear.

When will people realize that no one can save them? They can't buy their salvation with worthless earth money. Salvation has its origin in the word "safe". Safe comes from a Latin word meaning whole. People who are seeking salvation simply want to be saved, to be made safe, to be made whole once again.

To be made whole, you must join with that part of yourself that never became caught up in the earth experience of material illusion. You must become one again with the higher and greater part of yourself. You must come home to the God who created you and from whom you have been separated. This is salvation, this is wholeness. Wholeness can't be bought. It can't be begged.

God and only God can move you forward. That's why if you are seeking salvation, don't try to buy it, because preachers don't have it to sell. Ask God ...and then listen and let your inner spirit move you in the right direction.

The end times are here. How do you prepare yourself? Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and then all things you desire will be given to you. These words are words of power:

The power of words

"Our Father who art in Heaven...
Hallowed be Thy name...
Thy Kingdom come...
Thy Will be done...
On Earth as it is in Heaven."
Give us this day our daily bread,
Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors,
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,
For thine is the kingdom and the Glory Forever,

It is time. We must awaken now and accept our duty as it was given to us in the beginning. Each and everyone upon the earth was given freewill. We can choose to awaken or you can choose to stay asleep. We must realize that the consequences will also be borne by us...and be borne for the rest of eternity.

We are in a critical time upon the earth. The mind controlling techniques of the great dark brotherhood are so horrible and devious that they truly defy description. But these methods are fact and they are here upon the earth today.

The mind-controlled become helpless tools of the strong.

It is time for all of us to accept that we are being called upon to do something. We must make your our voice heard. We must rise up and do something before it is too late for our family and our world. We have been given the Keys to the kingdom and need to know how to use them.


Is it the curse or the cure?

In a few short years there will be a united world. This has to be. Only a world that works as one can protect itself from being raped and destroyed by plundering invaders from other worlds.

But realize this and realize it fast... Those who are clamoring the hardest and the loudest for a one world government are the very ones who have invaded and plundered your world.

Read the last sentence again. Make sure you understand it. Your very existence depends on you understanding and realizing the urgency.

Right at this moment both the legitimate dwellers and the invaders are vying for control of the planet.

If the invaders win, we will all become their slaves. This is not a game you are playing. Wake up!

You must take control of your world. Before the invaders do. And the invaders are very close to winning right now.

Now is the time for purifying your heart and your soul, that you can better serve your God. And now your God is telling you that if you don't serve Him and serve Him now, then you may never get another chance.

The Invaders are about to seize the planet and take complete control of Her. To prevent them from gaining control of the world and establishing their version of the one world that is based on a slave state...then you must take back control of your country.

Take back the United States of America, Take Back every nation and return it to its original purpose which was to be a beacon of truth and light for the whole world.

This is the mission for which we have prepared for eons. Do not let the torture and programming at the hands of the dark lords throw you off your path. See through their illusion. Accept your place in the world. Look into your heart and see where and how you can help.

We must take back our countries, because it is only in reclaiming our country that we can stop the onslaught of the invaders who will continue to dupe and control naive souls... until they control all the souls upon the earth. Do not forget, their mind control techniques have been perfected to such a high degree that they can also control the disincarnate soul.

In other words,
You don't have to have a body
To become their slave.
But they are not invincible.

This is a spiritual battle and we have the greater power in this battle, but we must understand the power that we have and how to use this power. Remember it is not by might nor power of ourselves but it is by the Spirit of the Lord that this battle will be won.

Jesus himself said that we have the keys to the kingdom and have the power to bind or to loosen the powers in heaven and on earth. We must learn to use these weapons of war.

Using the Keys to the Kingdom

They are already preparing to leave. They can read the signs of the times better than you can. Armageddon is coming. It's time for the rats to be thrown out. Wake up...throw them out now so that they don't enslave you and take you with them.

In Search of a New Form of Government. Start talking to your friends and to your neighbors. What can you do to restore this country to the principles on which it was founded? Can any law ever be written that binds humans together into a country? How can the world be governed for the highest good of all?

Has it ever been done upon the planet?

A one world government must be implemented to save the earth from destruction and depletion. But it must be a government based upon the Will of God.
The wake up call has been sounded.
It is time to rise up
And make yourself and your message known.

If not now, when and if not you, who?

Each soul on earth has a part to play at this crucial time in the evolution of the earth souls. If you don't play your part, then who will. And if your part isn't played, will the play be lost?

For want of your piece of the puzzle,
The whole future may be lost.
Can you afford to take this risk?
What can you do right now?

You have been given the tools to awaken to your higher wisdom. Use them and all others that come your way.

Speak your truth.
Speak it loud and strong for all to hear.
Reclaim your country, reclaim your school.
Become the masters of your destiny once again.
Cast off your shackles.
Rise up and take your place next to your God.
He is returning.
Throw out the dark lords!
Return your Father's planet to the beauty In which He left it.
You will have help in doing this.

Your heart mind now holds the key to truth.
Now is the time to begin in earnest your inner work
As well as your outer work.
It is only with the combination of the two
That the lies will be exposed.
First you must inform yourself.
Then you must act. An informed society is a free society.
The truth will set you free.

Winning the Spiritual War

Is It the Curse or the Cure?
By Gary Larrabee

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 4 January 2002

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