Whereas the battler as myself, has been horrified for some years with ample of apprehension as to gigantic global extent of the fascist henchmen sphere. So invincibly limitless, the untouchables might in full spectrum of its glitter.

Inadvertently being exposed via undeterred evil principles quest for our annihilation within global economies growing chaos in free fall paradigm. Whilst so perfidious RULERS dwell on the scapegoat narrations.

Hence the human support must be extended to ones with unprecedented call for a due struggle, towards the guaranteed life vital principles. Enshrined in People's Bill of Rights.., forming the interdependence nucleus at the socio-economics front. Away from sectional interests and clandestine subsets perpetuated creed of greed via rubik's-cube diabolically evolving market forces.

Thus I am joining the ranks of many caring Australians, longing for bona-fide accessible, socio-economics justice. It to prevail for genuinely dedicated ones in sharing our views within the wider communities. Striving to attract the unprejudiced coverage. Rendering all informed to be. Enabling attain so vital enlightenment for the oppressed masses. Which are totally stonewalled by the mass-media global empires barons. Hence with lots of tenacity the reverent progress must be made, along with achieving people's freedom of speech. Emitted via patriotic role-model, liberty beacon. Having ears, mind and heart always open on the journey to enlightenment and breakthrough to be made for the authentic democracy.

Where by God.., the genuine law and order to be followed with precise resolution to vile socio-economics and industrial relations sabotage. Contributing thus to creation of so essential, the most rewarding, decent ambience for masses of caring men and women. Towards the future generations to come for the children of better tomorrow. Which without fear or favour would be allowed to exploit their unique talents along the spirit of enlightenment, while adopting straightforward clear pathway. Away from worshiping the machiavellian spin-doctor concocted so vast evil lies. Disseminated by the clandestine might for Global Jew Mob untouchables tyranny rule.

Thus on us to prevail along the unequivocally bold stance taken within our sincere quest at helm of the people in tackling hidden agenda of the imposed unemployment. Eventually leading to the initiatives taken to iron the economic proficiency. Accelerating productivity growth towards higher standards of living for all. Establishing harmonious fair living society, along the adherence to fair equity share distribution within generated prosperity.

Amazingly in 21st century the worldwide communities still facing the same so unattainable goal to establish fair living society. Which proved to be absolutely futile in spite of millenniums long so undeterred good principles faith in RULERS humanity. Even highly pitched protests were blustered also from distant Australia against the other tyrannies reign, yet in reality that didn't mean to be followed down under in here. When along the hypocritical preaching the freedom and fair justice for all-of-us within Ghetto Australis.., those connived jelly back spiteful pollies are fatally stoning role-model citizens.

Perpetrated by thriving untouchables cliques with their vast apparatchiks. Camouflaged with melodramatically staged repertoires, ample of mud slinging contests between the parties of flip-flop persuasions. Thus augmenting their brotherhood pollies into massively corrupted scum. Whom also took on People's Representative roles under the Constitutional Convention smoke screen banner.

What essentially was to charter the Australian People's future via deplorable creatures, still lingering colonialist relics from bloody diabolical, romanesque sphere within Ghetto Australis. Propagated and flourished behind the utmost impregnable walls of injustice. While operating from within the civilised society of "sovereign nation" and rendering their evil masters tyranny only. Smacked with the malignant plague in fascist doctrine of the final solution. Ultimately leading our humankind to be squandered and annihilated forever.

Therefore I am forwarding herewith for your detail perusal utmost elaborating facts on so vital essence in question. Pertinent also as to the heinous persecution unleashed on me for 27 years by the Mobocracy in Ghetto Australis.

Obviously it must be difficult for anyone to come to terms with so crude reality facing the humankind these days. When following physical slavery age, the industrial and social revolutions.., we digressed into utterly fascist tyranny era.

Where totally void the elixir of enlightenment and deprived decent media coverage, the successive generations of youngsters grow and proceed into debauched adolescence via sublimated obsession with sports fanaticism. Unleashed via debilitating indoctrination process with so immense bullying inflicted on masses. Compounded with the perpetually eroding attrition into elementary means of existence. Resultant with some dehumanised minds turned away from the actual elimination procedures in place. Diabolically propelled all along the institutional genocide masterplan.

Clandestinely accomplished via devilishly incubated Global Jew Mob mole infestations, which are creeping all over on us. Triumphed via many millenniums so atrociously engineered romanesque bloody pursuit. Responsible also for the holocaust crimes.., under demonic darkness besieged on the humankind.

All along with devastatingly filthy.., monetary swindles worldwide. Ultimately setting many others backyards on fire. Attempting thus by hook or by crook, to demolish and enslave struggling communities within remaining "sovereign nations". When those who would endeavour to fend it off while putting their objective views across are fatally trapped and committed for life. No wonder it has been so utterly perplexing to come to terms with so crude reality facing this world.

Paradoxically with the massive advances in the world of information technology, it also created catastrophic disaster for many of genuine battlers. With our amassed database details to be manipulated and concocted to the villains whims. Thus propelling the multiplying number individuals of conscientious dissent out of main stream society into "we had-to-have" the unemployables buffer.

Without having any recourse whatsoever to our incessant persecution. Sustained all along so utterly fatal, committed for life inditement by the evil Global Jew Mob. Whilst a gullible part of the remaining society to evolve into submissive recast of the pathetic flock. Many of whom totally lost so natural sense of direction and perception at all. While participating so blindly in greed with debauched creation the utterly traitorous culture of nasties.

Set to eradicate entirely the conscientious dissent of genuinely patriotic and true professionals. So ruthlessly ostracised all along the untenable goal, ever reaching real employment career. Not even attaining any direct engagement venues with prospective employers or to be introduced otherwise via outsider middlemen.., in advance not enlisted with a particular organisation. Thus throughout the years on unemployables heap all along.., we must proceed and to survive the paradox within the greediest land of plenty. Yet when vagabonds wouldn't care.., us persecuted blacklisted so forsaken deprived unemployed.., still got to face the most uncertain future to come.

Emancipated apparently with abysmal National Security's impotence in combating ever emerging treacherous scum, with ample of unyielding debauched nasties and their most filthiest derivatives rest. Which are unleashing so heinously mortal acts on down to earth, real kind of true achiever. The professional very reliable individual of utmost impeccable character and highest integrity.

Abound with energy drive and commitment. Industrious, practical, with the sense of urgency and perseverance, good problem solver. An eye for quality that carries on the task to its positive resolution. Equipped with the innovative predisposition, perpetually rejuvenating and reinventing myself within so vastly evolving the metamorphic ambience. Given a chance, I would serve patriotically well. Benefiting real decent community with any such vastly demanding role via utmost dynamic aptitude and excellent hands-on approach along the total quality of adherence. Endowed to carry-on good works only, delivering positive results, the best there are. With the right first time performance, associated with the best practices of implementation, which would come quite naturally to me.

Yet to-be or not to-be, that's the real essence in question of predicament we've been continuously faced with. Thus given no another choice whatsoever.., other than to realise that the life meant not to be an easy for the God's chosen ones.

The incorruptible realm of the remaining genuine battlers core. Still going bold and strong all along the eternal aspiration. Endowed to carry on with the good, Godly charter only. Whilst hoping to meet many such others, dispersed, desolate and persecuted. Destined ones also in sharing our naturally flowing goodwill. Available within the lifespan we have a chance to endure on our planet.., under the utterly fascist Global Jew Mob fate-accompli elimination.

Whereas in reflection to some claim that Global Jew Mob organised communities were among the most active in promoting worldwide racial harmony.., it could not be further from the truth. Whilst Global Jew Mob making sure that their kids have "a good Jewish education" to understand their traditions, so they don't assimilate at later age with the Goyim. When the Yeshivas are perceived by the Yiddisher paternity as vital in keeping the Judaism alive in Galuth (the wicked outside world). Because of constant assimilation fear on our planet with all the Goyim. Needless paraphrase the connotation of extensively mandatory genetic tests so overwhelmingly conducted prior to engagements of Orthodox Jew Yiddisher couples, intended thus to preserve their elitism buffers.

When saving a single noble Jew soul was always high on agenda. With inference made, that such gestures ultimately lead "to save our world". Unequivocally so, with the compassionately endowed hearts that propel the "caring role" Jewish zealots and make our lives "so worthwhile". Yet it would be true to assume that many humans worldwide have been horrified to witness the perpetuated bloodbath in Palestinians carnage. Often to be inflicted also in random on the Israeli communities via indiscriminate bloody massacres. Unleashed on the innocent man, woman and child. Rendered to die along an utter bestiality that in spare of a moment reducing their so much pulsing with joy of life bodies, into the lifeless fragmented remains. Just of bones and torn flesh consequences.

Whereas subsequently to so horrifically tragic events, even most minuscule human remains are painstakingly picked-up by the "mercifully devoted" Orthodox Jew zealots. Whilst the God fearing humans being joined worldwide in wholehearted commiserations. Still riddled with the immense guilt complex for any such lack in prior response to holocaust mass victims pleas during notorious days of World War II atrocities.

Yet why on earth.., a former Nobel Peace Prize winner? The 66-year-old novelist Elie Wiesel, regarded as a friend of the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, would publish his MEMOIRS on a long history of Jewish violence? Especially so mercilessly unleashed by the Jew Kapos, within diabolical concentration camps.

Depicted by the world foremost living witness.., to Auschwitz atrocities and eventuated Buchenwald horrors in reflection to romanesque brutality. With evil spiced millenniums old the internecine Jew violence. Which often afflicted Jewish people annals. When even the children of our patriarchs quarrelled so incessantly.

Was it merely an accident.., that Cain and Abel.., first two brothers of the Bible were murderer and the victim? When scarcely was a generation.., not to cast into turmoil by some sort of internal Jew schism. Such as Isaac against Ishmael, Jacob against Esau, Judah against Israel, Pharisees against Sadducees, Maskilim against Hasidim, Zionists against Bundists, Capitalists against Communists (named quite a few by Elie Wiesel).

Whereas Elie Wiesel wrote.., that his ability to deny the Jew evil unleashed against the other Jews ended with the ALTALENA incident. As it never occurred to him, that the Jew perpetrators might be capable of spilling the Jewish blood. More so waging a war by the Jew renegades on the other Jews, and surely not on Jews who refused to fight back. Such as a case of ALTALENA so incomprehensible tragedy of the ship loaded with nearing a thousand holocaust refugees. So many ghetto survivors on board ALTALENA.., which approached Tel-Aviv shore under the maverick IRGUN command, the rival leadership of Jewish fighting forces.

Whilst the infant Israeli Government fighting force containing young officers, included a shy as he was, yet staunch Yitzhak Rabin. Who surely carried out Ben Gurion's orders. To fire on the holocaust survivors, so utterly defenceless Jewish men, women and children. Sinking thus ALTALENA with a massive loss of innocent lives. Just because of a ship also to carry some arms, donated by the French ruling Jewry to the IRGUN movement, a rival of Jewish fighting forces.

Thus rendering the utterly diabolical bestiality act.., compounded so immensely with the prolonged agony. Unleashed on those having a glimpse of an ultimate hope to face some joy of life in a free Eretz Israel. Instead, their so much pulsing with a life bodies, were mercilessly reduced into lifeless fragmented remains. Just of bones and torn flesh consequences. Perpetrated so callously by the untouchables within Global Jew Mob hegemony on those who just survived the crematoriums within demonic holocaust horrors.

So where reigns the satanism, which not stopped, it cannot evaporate but to grow. Perpetually filling even the vacuum cells via professed romanesque rule motto: Should One Be Ever Absent From Us.., He Will Be Then Against Us. Thus having the Global Jew Mob firmly placing their bets EACH WAY, they always will have their steadfast incubated winner. Impersonating utmost exclusive entity breed with limitless significance. Assuring thus global apartheid via fate-accompli elimination process. Right from the kindergarten via compulsory education and universities buffers, it to yield an ample of disposable puppets accompanied with dedicated referees dossiers.

No wonder that imbeciles lot to be nurtured with carte-blanche whilst the incorruptible realm of genuine battlers to endure devious wrath solely. Still many of us so ill informed individuals failed even realise what hit us indeed.

When no one in their wildest dream expected to face such a nightmare of utterly insidious act to be unleashed on us. Needless to say that in spite of various laws, acts and mass regulations which seemed to be drawn for "one's protection", so emphatically obvious it to bear the untenable goal.., ever reaching the authentic authority for implementation.

Whilst there is no one to turn to, for the ostracised. Those committed to incarceration for life. So desperately hopeless individuals. Which just left on their own. Without any redress over the years to the endless persecution inflicted in Ghetto Australis. Yet at times under the help-group masquerade a person in need would be stun to discover even much greater villains. As those incubated well in advance, so unscrupulous operators would exploit the unsuspected victim's cry in panic for help, only to plunge one, ever deeper into the fatal quicksand.

Hence I am not complacent at all while facing Global Jew Mob satanical terror. Thriving via untouchables reign with mass apparatchiks and clone cronies derivatives rest. Whom also holding for ransom my elderly father in Poland. The lone survivor from World War II, whom remained to face the utmost barbarous tyranny enacted by the world wars real perpetrators. Set as sacrificial scapegoat to lure me into fate-accompli ambush. Within the anticipated fatal entrapment on me. Along so much longing.., any such journey attempt. To be reunited with my dearest 90-year elderly father, lingering in an utter agony for the seven years in blind loneliness there.

When it would be true to say that my father Mr Michal (Moszek) Tenenbaum being a Polish citizen of Jewish origin. Born on 19/12/1912 at Konsk in the Voivodship of Lodz, where our family (father's) estate used to be administered by Polish Authorities. Whilst him to reside at ulica Najswietszej Marii Panny 8-10/m3 in Legnica. Unfortunately to be illiterate, since taking early in life on family run shoemaking trade. Hence it was with the absolute reliance on others, the way our letters were read to him, and also written to us in return. Normally carried out via Tadeusz Plesniarski of ulica Wroclawska 72/6 in Legnica. When prior to this macabre episode my father claimed to be comparably well and still carrying on with his shoe repair shop. Certainly of a good health, an affordable future and made some efforts to have us visiting him. Then all of a sudden since April in 1994, we lost all the contact with him. Although not realising the seriousness of the fact, until much later in a year. When I could not to hypothesise any more of him being somewhere on typically prolonging his holidays.

I must emphasise that I appealed immensely nationally and worldwide to Jewish Organisations. While pleading with them for assistance in locating my missing father in Poland, yet being treated with the sheer contempt. Then against all the odds to my plight of endeavour, eventually in Feb-95, I learnt to know to my total astonishment that my missing elderly father actually was.., "to be taken care off" for considerable period of time through the American Joint Distribution Committee and Jewish Congregational Authority (Gmina Wyznaniowa Zydowska) in Poland. Whom in the meantime impounded my father's single source of income, his shoe repair shop. Then intercepted his old age pension and our family mail. Plunging him into sub-sustenance and utter destitution. Along with getting rid-off his confidant letter writer colleague Tadeusz Plesniarski.., they rendered him to be totally isolated due to illiteracy.

Yet what a paradox for my father to live in modern block of fiats. Equipped with the intercom system, which also availed for my father's hostile-set neighbours to keep the constant blanket surveillance. While tipping-off "the benevolent" Jewish Authority in regard of any such attempt to be made, with anyone ever approaching my father's vicinity. Whilst so innocent and defenceless human kept under-lock, being driven to pound on his premises door.

Yet to no avail was getting to the backyard or seeking to have any stroll. When in the correlation to the animal cruelty, undoubtedly that would apply in circumstances, should such horrific event to procure in the zoo. When for the fact we're witnessing the real-time holocaust scenario. Overwhelmed by the utter apathy for seven years. With the innocent human, being condemned to face slow agony death. Imposed.., just for speaking my mind for better Australia.

By the Global Jew Mob, which perpetually decimating our flesh-n-blood Jewish People, whom happened to be on the righteous side of a human morality spectrum. Whereas at this point-n-time any consumed with dedication observer would apprehend at glance much of the afflicting reality within millenniums long fascist doctrine. So horrifically undertaken evil strategies. Orchestrated right from above by the Global Jew Mob hegemony. Which overwhelmingly pulling the strings, initialising its puppets, incubated well in advance. Illustrating in fact that no genuinely dedicated any such citizen, to be ever allowed worldwide, to render ones so unique talents.

Whilst overshadowed we are by the most bizarre cretinism. Unleashed under the tyrannical oppression siege. When no reward to excel or the appreciation to be given for the genuine battlers. Nor to be found anyone so sincere as to share with, our naturally flowing goodwill. Available within the lifespan.., we have the chance to endure. Due to immense elimination process set in motion within the created Global Apartheid. Arranged by subversive institutional cliques for our surrender into malignant buffers. Globally set to eradicate entirely so natural conscientious dissent of genuinely patriotic and true professionals.

Leaving within so vastly depleted ambience only hand picked genetic imbeciles attached to their evil devices. Whilst the rife exploitation perpetrated so abhorrently on sacrificial scapegoats. With their brains explicitly open for pickings through utmost intrusive proliferation in "Job Selection Criteria" immoral terrain, all along so deviously primed the plagiarised enterprise.

Sustained via utterly savage Kapos reign, whom still failed to comprehend the reality as to their own inevitable fate. Whilst them being just damn disposable puppets. Which will be eliminated subsequently on due-by-date. Without any doubt via their evil masters an ultimate marching orders. Yet in a meantime they still evolve a major part of Aussie society into obliviousness with the submissive dill recast of the pathetic flock.

No wonder most contemporarily, the utter fascist tyranny afflicted people just left on their own. Undoubtedly it also afflicted me with the nightmares of the tragic events.., within so utterly lifeless existence. Yet one real wonders for the Global Jew Mob collaborators lot to have any-good-night sleep? When not too long the day of the reckoning and the retribution to come. Encompassing our lands with circumscribed sites for the infamous range of "Nuremberg Trials".

Which for tyrannised people sake.., to convict ultimately all those who were "obeying just orders" within utmost horrific genocide crimes committed against the humanity. Mind you when some still need referring to anthropology gurus or genetics expert-analysts, the individual as myself got the natural God given faculty just to suss it at glance so typical our Jewish kind of the hereditary endowed, unique features.

Breaking the Tyranny on Silence
By Leo Braun


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 7 March 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=146528

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