Well, nobody returned my calls, so I figured The Establishment is doomed and might as well be bypassed by more radical alternatives, such as an entirely different monetary system.


Thanks for posting


which looks like an excellent resource.

You're still hiding behind a veil, like most folks on the web, but that's your choice. Fine. Just stop denying it or else provide your name, phone number and address as other public citizens and I do.

The only secrets that are necessary are for defense. So unless you're an agent of a defense group, why are you secretive? (When or if we live in a world where no military is necessary, perhaps no more secrets will be necessary.)

Anyway, it's vital that citizens learn REAL history, which is not taught in schoolrooms. It's also vital that citizens focus on present circumstances and the long-term ramifications of what we are doing today.

That's why I'm publicly discussing what's happening PRESENTLY inside shadow-government entities such as the Federal Reserve Bank, the World Bank Group, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Skull & Bones, the Blackstone Group and many others. I've posted links at


and I try to stay abreast of the most important developments.

Obviously, those who support The Establishment slander serious investigators and historians as crazy "conspiracy theorists".

Ironically, it's these slanderers who themselves disseminate misleading conspiracy theories every day on the front pages of so-called "newspapers".

The psyops (psychological operations) of The Establishment actively disseminate disinformation to confuse people, such as their "mainstream" conspiracy theories about Osama bin Patsy as well as "non-mainstream" UFO obsessions.

(I'm not saying UFOs and ETs don't exist, just that almost all investigation into these phenomena are distractions from issues that citizens can actually deal with.)

Anyway, my father, Don Peretz, is an academic member of the conspiratorial CFR. Like any private organization, the CFR has secret meetings, and thus "con-spire" (breath together). The CFR also happens to be very powerful and, like most political entities, is engaged in many unlawful activities.

Don is a Middle-East specialist exploited by the "Big Boys" to provide them with information. He doesn't claim this, but I do. Most people in The Establishment are in an emotional-financial state of denial and/or ignorance about their own responsibility - or lack thereof - for the degradation of democracy and ecology.

I observe the inside of The Establishment's shadow government, but I'm not a member. Several entities have claimed or implied that I'm a member of the Illuminati or other sinister secret societies. (Actually I'm a member of a benevolent society called the Illume-Naughty :)

Perhaps I've unwittingly been a subject of psyops like MKULTRA. But I take that possibility into account in all my observations and activities.

Frankly, if invited, I'd consider joining The Establishment's shadow government as an educational experience. But since I'm a "loose cannon", it's highly unlikely I'd be invited.

Instead, they send third-rate Pinkerton-type spooks to gather the "nonsense" I share with fellow citizens. And like everyone, my phone and Internet is under surveillance by the NSA, the Mossad and others.

About two years ago I considered joining the CFR. But observing what happens to the few Good Guys who join - getting co-opted and controlled by The Establishment - I decided not to bother "getting myself invited". Besides, if I were in the CFR, any claims that I'm working for The Establishment would be substantiated.

This year, I did ask some "Big Boys" that I become a "member" of The Establishment because I saw an opportunity to transform its power into something that could be beneficial to all. I simply asked for a banking license and $10 billion.

With a chartered eco-bank, it might be possible to use the leverage of fractional-reserve banking to transform the military-industrial complex into a "livingry"-industrial complex, as suggested by Buckminster Fuller. So instead of financing weapons, war, destruction and dependency, an eco-bank complex would only finance industry that mass-produces durable and sustainable goods, such as photovoltaics, windpower and high-speed rail.

Well, nobody returned my calls, so I figured The Establishment is doomed and might as well be bypassed by more radical alternatives, such as an entirely different monetary system.

Buckminster Fuller, perhaps the most accomplished man of the 20th Century, observed everything with a remarkable degree of objectivity. His economic observations are not dualistic, as you've suggested. The dualistic-sounding subtitles (eg: HAMILTON vs JEFFERSON) of


were added by me in an attempt to make his super-dense prose more readable to a wider audience.

Neither Bucky Fuller nor I are dualistic. I never studied Hegel. I did study some Marx. I find some value in Marx's analysis, as I find some value in Adam Smith's analysis. But both were wrong on a number of points.

Bucky Fuller, however, is both contemporary and comprehensive, taking into account fractional-reserve usury, automation, ecology, physics, anthropology, psychology and EVERYTHING. To my understanding, Marx, Smith and almost all academic "economists" neglect these essential issues. That's why academic "economists" are so ridiculous and ruinous.

But Bucky Fuller's economic observations point us in the direction of a beneficial currency system.

Besides COSMIC COSTING, I particularly recommend:





UTOPIA OR OBLIVION (dualistic-sounding title!)


All of Buckminster Fuller's work is brilliant and paves the way toward a better (and livable) future for everyone.

If your eye is jaundiced, heal it.

The choice is ours, and the time is NOW.

Jonathan Peretz Chance


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Please clearly state the purpose of your psyops postings, particularly if you're hiding behind a veil.

No veil. I am posting the heavy stuff at

I am author of <<Pages From The Book of Life>>

Christians think I'm Satanist. Satanists think I'm Christian. Therefore I must be on the right track.

Would you like to discuss the role of John Forbes Kerry (and other Democrats) in Skull & Bones, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR and various NAZI "intelligence" agencies?

This Absolutely falls under the subject matter of those groups. Particularly their links to generational ritual abuse and breaking minds for mind-control purposes.

If Kerry or another traitor / terrorist is selected to be "our" next president, what are the ramifications?

More of the Same. Teddy Roosevelt was our first Bonesman president. Much of our constitution disappeared under his "enlightened" rule. Since it disappeared so long ago, we don't even notice that things like the Federal REserve are not even constitutional.

We don't buy the Republicrats' Good Cop / Bad Cop game anymore.

Cool. It's a false front lets-you-and-him-fight straight out of Hegelian Dualism, which is a myth from Germanic Mysticism, no matter how much it has been enshrined as truth at the university level.

But the World Banksters are getting kicked out of America and off the face of the Earth. It's inevitable.

It's either them or us. I'd rather it be them.

I am utterly serious that The Wealth of Nations provides a foundation for a decent and just world once we free ourselves from the grip of the satanic parasites who are intentionally engineering our doom.

I agree with Buckminster Fuller to a very large degree, but think his economics are tarnished by the same dualistic notions that Economics is famous for.

I may be wrong, but it didn't pass my initial "smell test."

Buckminster Fuller is one of my heroes, but nowadays I look at everything with a really jaundiced eye.

If I'm wrong about something, I sure like to know different so I can correct the premises I am working with, I'd just rather not be called names or anything. I'm just another human doing my level best to fight this thing the best way I know how.


The Establishment’s Shadow Government

Psyops, Conspiracy Theory And Bucky Fuller
By Jon Chance

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 21 January 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_121973&group=webcast

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