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Long academic type article outlines, in Orwellian fashion, a complex view of the simple strategy unfolding... and a few alternatives.

(Soundbites follow to give the flavour...)
PS - activists really should check out this site. Have no doubt the enemy is using it.

Promoting a Singular Global Threat -- Terrorism
Strategy of Choice for World Governance

By Anthony Judge (judge@uia.be)
Union of International Associations (http://www.uia.org/)

"Terrorism" may be understood as the strategic device of the moment to enable the world's superpower to manage global society. Whether or not the 11th September attacks were deliberately instigated or evoked to this end by al-Qaida agents, Mossad, rogue segments of the US government, or others, is essentially irrelevant.

To be a useful strategic basis for world governance, the singular threat should ideally permit resources to be allocated in a controlled manner to reinforce the integrity of the controlling regime. It should minimize any allocation of resources to efforts to change the social structures and behaviours engendering the threat. Thus in the case of terrorism it is vital to focus on investments in the military industrial complex that enables the creation of new security systems (cf. intelligence resources, Echelon, etc).

Token humanitarian investments can be allocated for rebuilding, although the emphasis should be made on rhetorical support for such rebuilding. But investment in any effort to actually remedy the engendering conditions should be minimized behind a screen of stirring public relations and commitments that are in no way associated with any intention to fulfill them. In these respects, the responses of George Bush and Tony Blair to terrorism have been exemplary.


The Strategy from 911

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 24 February 2002

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