Barely more than a year after taking office, the Bush League Axis has taken the world down the path of mindless violence and catastrophic cycle of "retaliation" in response to "revenge." How many more carpet- and suicide-bombings will we see in the next year?

The latest tank attacks on Palestinian settlements (including deliberate shooting of international peace demonstrators by the Sharon-directed militants of the IDF) are supposed to be "retaliation" to the suicide bombings, which are, in turn, retaliation to the Great Satan's carpet bombings of Afghan civilians, which are revenge by the Bush regime to even the score on the NY twin towers bombings, which are the "response" to the Imperialists' bombings & sanctions against Iraqi civilians.

How will this madness end??

This is the future New World Order being delivered to the 6 billion people on earth by the Washington, London & Tel Aviv AXIS of Evil, for Bush, Sharon & Blair are the top 3 "terrorists leaders" who have ordered their forces to unleash unspeakably violent weapons of mass destruction (including the curse-on-all-your-descendent Depleted Uranium shells) on thousands of innocent civilians. How else will the surviving children of those thousands killed by U.S. bombs feel when they grow up--won't they want "retaliation" for their parents' deaths??

Mindless Terrorism Escalated By Busharon Axis in 2002

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 1 April 2002


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