Stage Two of the 9/11 War Begins

Through constant and creative invoking of 9/11, in a multitude of forms, the ruling elite has dangled the American public—and indeed all of humanity—between war-torn hell and happy-meal paradise. It is time to pierce the veneer.


Apri1 15, 2002—Throughout history, wars have been triggered by pretexts, most of them fabricated. Wars cannot be waged without an emotionalized public so traumatized by loss and fear that the violence committed—no matter how baldly illegal and immoral—is acceptable and even glorified.

The American public supported World War II because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which occurred with the foreknowledge of US intelligence and the guidance of FDR, according to researcher Robert Stinnett and others. The full scale US involvement in Vietnam began with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, a Johnson administration put-up job that ignited anti-North Vietnamese propaganda. After a faked Reichstag Fire, which was blamed on "violent Communists," Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich began their rampage; a "defensive measure," wrote Hitler, "to "protecting the People and State."

The current world war began with the attacks of 9/11, which many believe were provoked and permitted, if not orchestrated and carried out, by the Bush administration. The transparently criminal enterprise known as "the war on terrorism" has mushroomed and spread like a cancer—its brutal "make it up as you kill" doctrine aped by repressive US proxy nations such as Israel, and supported by a shell-shocked and naïve US public, despite the fact that not one shred of credible evidence supporting the Bush administration's version of events has been presented.

Now the 9/11 War, and Big 9/11 Lie, has moved back over to the Middle East. The rampage of Israel, the fifth most powerful military regime on earth, has tortured, bled and isolated Palestine, but has kept Yasser Arafat alive—like a tiger batting around an injured mouse. The horrific but tactically limited ethnic cleansing being waged by war criminal and mass murderer Ariel Sharon has ignited "anti-terrorist" fear within Israel, and violent reaction from desperate innocents and defenders of Palestine.

The larger agenda is clear. In the ancient classic, The Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote: "Warfare is the art of deceit. If the enemy is incensed, provoke him. The expert baits the enemy, and the enemy is certain to take it. In doing so, he moves the enemy and lies in wait with his full force."

The Bush administration and the US Congress have urged Sharon to continue the massacre, and take his time. While Sharon baits, Bush and the US wait.

For Saddam Hussein.

The long-awaited phase two is near. Consider:

Saddam Hussein has asked OPEC oil producers to cut off supplies to America—an open declaration of economic war. The U.S. is the world's largest consumer of Iraqi oil, responsible for half of the nation's oil output. Iraq supplies approximately nine percent of US imports. Iraq has cut off supply for 30 days in protest. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Bush administration has been planning for an attack on Iraq as early as May.

Saddam Hussein has increased money for the relatives of suicide bombers from $10,000 to $25,000. On cue, the corporate media (virtual Pentagon stenographers) have jumped on the chance to accuse Saddam of evil-doing. The payments, according to Donald Rumsfeld, "inspire a culture of political murder." Rumsfeld, himself a lifelong political murderer responsible for proudly killing thousands of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, screeched, "Here is an individual who is the head of a country, Iraq, who has proudly, publicly made a decision to go out and actively promote and finance human sacrifice for families that will have their youngsters kill innocent men, women and children."

On April 5, Iran, another potential target of US military hostility (and the only other major oil producing nation in the region not controlled by US interests), joined Iraq in calling for Muslim oil-producing states to halt supplies to countries supporting Israel. Iran, like its neighbor Afghanistan, has long been an obstacle to US aspirations in the region. Not to mention, a geographic impediment to Caspian Sea oil and gas transport.

While most experts have dismissed the likelihood of a full OPEC embargo (given Saudi and Kuwaiti support for the US), minor spikes in the price of oil would temporarily stall a US economic and stock market recovery, and spook Wall Street. With little urging, Americans will soon call for Saddam's head.

Iran-Contra participant Colin Powell, who earlier in his career helped cover up the My Lai massacre, is in no rush to "end the violence," any more than George W. Bush and his war cabinet have any desire to "bring both sides to the negotiating table." America thumbs its nose at the UN, and laughs. At the first stop of Powell's casual lollygag, a furious King Mohammed of Morocco pointedly asked Powell, "Don't you think it would be more important to go to Jerusalem first?" "They are playing a game," said Azmi Bishara, an Arab member of the Israeli parliament. "They are not really pressuring the Israelis. They are saying things to the media to absorb Arab anger and frustration."

US envoy Anthony Zinni has been "unsuccessful" in brokering a cease-fire. During the disastrous 1993 US raid on Somalia, which he commanded, General Zinni remarked in true humanitarian fashion, "I'm not counting bodies. I'm not interested." The general's interest in Palestine does not appear to be much different.

Along with General Barry McCaffrey, Zinni is a member of the Veritas Defense & Aerospace Advisory Council, a long-term investor in the defense and aerospace industries, and a panel that "provides high-level insight into the direction the armed forces are moving." Like the Carlyle Group, this company would benefit from an expanded war in the Middle East.

Saddam has scored a few diplomatic victories. At a recent meeting, Iraq's presidential envoy Izzat Ibrahim and Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz embraced publicly—the first such high-level public contact since the 1990 Gulf crisis. Whether this gesture from the pro-US Saudis is genuine, remains to be seen.

With Sharon momentarily taking center stage as the bully, George W. Bush has taken the opportunity to play-act as a great foreign policy expert, peacemaker and statesman—no doubt at the suggestion of propaganda minister Karl Rove, who is already adjusting the "Bush legend" in preparation for upcoming and future elections. (It is, after all, an election year in the US.)

The prize: Iraq holds more than 112 billion barrels of oil, the world's second largest proven reserves. Iraq also contains 110 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Iran is OPEC's second largest oil producer and holds 9 percent of the world's oil reserves and 15 percent of its gas reserves.

A possible scenario:

Bush will find his cynical "peace efforts" thwarted by an enraged and intractable Islamic populace.

Iraq, and/or transnational Islamic "jihadists" sponsored by the US and its intelligence cells (Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) will commit acts that "force the hand" of the US. The war in the Middle East will begin.

The "9/11-Afghanistan model" will be repeated. The resources, land, labor and markets of targeted nations will be expropriated without regard to the death toll. What can stop the Bush juggernaut?

Journalist Alan Nairn once wrote, "The United States wields powers that no nation should have. It can go anywhere and kill anyone. Only the American public can hold Washington back."

The War Against the Pretext

While Bush and Sharon continue to smoke out their prey in the Middle East, a growing number of journalists, investigators and whistleblowers are smoking out the Bush administration.

The official explanation for the events of September 11—the porous foundation upon which the "war on terrorism" rests—is being taken apart, irregularity by irregularity, lie by lie. Without the legend and mythology of 9/11, there could be no "war on terrorism." And the Bush administration knows it.

A congressional investigation into 9/11, headed by Britt Snider of the CIA, is no more a real investigation than the so-called investigation of Enron, or the previous investigations that let government criminals run free (Watergate, BCCI, Iran-Contra, S&L, to name just a few). Its scope will be "limited." George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have pressured Tom Daschle and others to keep it that way.

Congress will do nothing. But some people will.

For his ongoing efforts to expose the lies of 9/11, investigative journalist Mike Ruppert of From The Wilderness has become the target of COINTELPRO-style harassment, electronic warfare, coordinated media attacks, and censorship.

The former LAPD narcotics investigator has had his web site hacked using sophisticated methods. The hackers were so intent on getting to FTW that 200 other web sites were taken down in the process. Re-postings of FTW articles have been followed around the Internet, and reappeared with deliberately falsified information. FTW's facility was also burglarized.

Ruppert has broken two stories that the Bush administration is working desperately to keep the public from reading.

The first is a hair-raising interview with Delmart "Mike" Vreeland, a Navy intelligence officer and whistleblower, who states for the record that the US had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks, and that US intelligence agencies had achieved total penetration of terrorist cells (which casts doubt on the popular notion of an "intelligence failure"). To quote Vreeland: "What war on terrorism?" < nterview_vreeland.html and ehouse.html>

Ruppert's second explosive story exposes Attorney General John Ashcroft's potentially criminal conflict of interest with grand jury investigations of ExxonMobil and BP-Amoco, and bribery and illegal oil swaps with Iran. These criminal cases involve Dick Cheney, the Bush energy task force, and the oil politics behind 9/11. < nt.html>

These important stories, which this writer considers to be among the most important news to be broken by any journalist in recent memory, can also be accessed at: t040402.html and t040802.html

In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote: "Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.

Through constant and creative invoking of 9/11, in a multitude of forms, the ruling elite has dangled the American public—and indeed all of humanity—between war-torn hell and happy-meal paradise. It is time to pierce the veneer.

The world waits for the full force of the truth.

Larry Chin is a freelance journalist and an Online Journal Contributing Editor.

Pretexts, Provocation and Deceit:
Stage Two of the 9-11 War Begins
By Larry Chin
Online Journal Contributing Editor

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 15 April 2002.

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