I note with trepidation that the gulf between the manufactured reality presented in the mainstream media and the actual facts of the events is widening at an alarming pace. In the “alternative” media world, I notice that many researchers are uncovering the following:

- There was a build-up of anti-Taiban media items before September 11, including the item mentioned in Global News last issue which revealed that 60 Minutes broadcast a (deliberately?) incorrect translation in their beat-up on Islamic suicide bombers.

- There was a considerable number of big-name companies trading stocks, shares and put options on the foreknowledge of the WTC event, especially in the airline sector.

- It was widely known in India before September that the US was planning to attack the Taliban in October.

- There is still only vague circumstantial evidence as to who is responsible for the attacks. We have to rely on the CIA, FBI, etc. telling us the truth. This is difficult, given the vested oil interests of Bush and Cheney as well as the UK in that part of the world. There is enough oil in the Caspian Sea region to last hundreds of years at our present rate of consumption, according to some estimates.

- Evidence suggests that the bin Ladens and the Bush-Cheneys have done much business together, and that American, British and Pakistani intelligence helped create and train both Taliban and associated “terrorist/freedom fighter” networks such as al-Qaeda.

- There is evidence to suggest that the hijackers themselves may have been hijacked. The planes could have been remote-controlled, but this implies a high-level “inside job”. Many pilots refuse to believe the alleged hijackers were capable of flying the craft in the manner they were flown. Even the FBI says 11 of the 19 hijackers did not plan on suicide.

Regardless of who, what or why, September 11 has become a “trigger” event for things to come. Many consider Big Brother has taken one big step closer, with the loss of civil liberties and increased “big brother” technology, surveillance and police powers upon us. Suddenly, huge volumes of “anti-terror” laws are found drafted, ready for government approval. More ominously, the weaponisation of space is taking a significiant step forward under the guise of “national security” (watch this one!).

Other points of view sent to NEXUS Magazine include reminders that humanity has an opportunity to learn from this tragedy so that it never happens again. Learn not to hate, but to love. Learn what our governments are doing in foreign countries in our name, and thus why hatred of the West is growing.

One thing I have learned and seen for myself is that this “hatred of the West” exists not because we are “free” (which is questionable anyway), but it exists because our governments and military help transnational corporations rape other countries, leaving their people to live in horrific conditions. If the people dare stand up and object, they are “destabilised” (read “bombed”) by the West or by their neighbours, or by some other budding puppet dictator inside their own country. We elect these governments, we buy the products from these transnationals, and then we wonder why millions of people want to stand up and say, “Stop this, please!”

And if bin Laden’s terrorists did fly those planes, how is President George W. Bush now any different, given that he is also killing innocent civilians? How sad it is that the West’s official response to “terror” is more terror. Is that what we want to teach our children? I think not!

On "Manufactured Reality"

An Excerpt of An Editorial from Duncan, the editor at Nexus Magazine.
January - February 2002

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