Who could possibly ever benefit from the vicious and brutal attacks of September 11? Let’s see:

(1) international bankers will be making hundreds of billions in new loans; (2) the arms dealers are going to have a field day; (3) Ariel Sharon and friends are jumping for joy because any nation that does not blindly support Israel could be targeted by America; (4) the CIA, FBI, NSA and Delta Force are all going to have significantly increased budgets and authority; and (5) the mega-corporations are going to gain further access to the huge oil and gas reserves of the Caspian Sea.

Behind-the-scenes political events are moving at warp speed. At the same time, there is objective and meaningful information concerning this series of events that most Americans and Australians are not aware of because the predominant media are controlled by the plutocracy.

Unless we, as conscious people, awaken to the matrix of lies, we will see further transfers of power to the so-called “elite” and a loss of our rights.

George Humphrey
Austin Texas, USA

In A Letter to the Editor of Nexus Magazine
January - February 2002

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