“Money Now, Death Tomorrow”

The rape and exploitation of Rosia Montana in Romania and its citizens by a Canadian gold mining company, S.C. Gold Corporation which will:

Wipe out five mountains, leaving a hole 360 meters deep; displace the human population from the area; detonate 150 tons of dynamite daily; leave behind a 700 ha artificial lake full with cyanide water; poison with cyanide 1600 ha, in open air; leave behind 250 million tons of sterile ground.

M. Timis [a bought politician turned business man] wants to exploit 13 million tons/year. What would be extracted, in a classic exploitation, in 30 years, he wants to excavate in a year! So, the production of the next 300 years, a chance for the future generations, will be exploited in 10 years -- at a criminal speed that will leave behind a desert.

To the attention of mountain lovers: the mountains Cetatea, Carnicul, Carnicelul, Vaidoaia, Corna will disappear. The mining will create a crater 360 meters deep; where there are today the houses of Rosia Montana, there will be a hole full of residual waters, and all around sterile-made mountains on 1600 ha, like a moon landscape nightmare: Valea Nanului, Citera, Budestii Cornei, Dealurile Sulei.

All the Cornei Valley will become a deadly lake, with 250 million tons of sterile ground. Also, 8 artificial lakes will disappear; those lakes were used up to 1948 for the mining installations, from Taul Mare to Gura Rosiei. The mountain heights from Detunata, Piatra Corbului, Piatra Despicata deemed monuments of Nature will crumble down.

There will be massive detonations and explosions, with 150 tons of dynamite per day. Imagine the dispersion, the dust, the noise, what a seismic wave! Who will be able to live in such a hell?

The churches and the patrimonial houses, that M. Timis pretends will be conserved, as well as the antiquity mining tunnels, dating from the Daco-Romanian era (2000 years ago, n.t.) will crumble down like in a seism.

Recovering the investment is due in 2.5 years. Who has ever seen a 20% benefit in the mining industry?

Usually, such projects are becoming profitable after 10 years. Because he knows that he will have problems when Romania will align its laws with European Union ones. He will be able to leave after three years. He will have made enough profit.

The "benefits": 700 jobs in the area, 2% of the net for the Government (the gold will be sold on the international market, the local population does not benefit from it).

The exploitation has already started.

After having worked a few months for the company, my neighbor is older by 10 years. He is ill all the time, does not eat and is in a sad mood. Some children, 17-18 years old, after having worked at the drills and in the galleries, 12 hours a day (not 6 hours, as the law mandates) have been discovered as having silicosis… we can already taste what will soon happen on a big scale. Basically, people receive money today and death tomorrow.

Nobody knows the composition of the drilling liquid, which has caused many people from Rosia Montana to lose their taste and smell senses. My cows who go feed themselves on the Vaidoaia Mountain, when the drillings were made, were vomiting every night, after coming home. The veterinary told me that in 30 years of practice, he never saw cows vomiting like this. The hell is here.

There’s another thought: if we, the people in the demolition area receive some small amount of money to move out, the ones outside this perimeter will receive nothing. They will curse us for supporting the explosions, the dust, the illnesses and the death.

If we move out, we will be squeezed on a 200 ha surface, from the 700 ha which we now have. We will find ourselves hanging at a 900 m altitude, on a bare stone hill, at the blowing of all winds, without water and where we will be forever as strangers: Piatra Alba

Those in favor of the displacement should know that jobs are for a short time but life is longer, especially when you are young. The gold will be sold outside the country; the National Bank will not buy it because it does not need it... Romania will obtain 2%, the tax on a few hundred wages (700 in production phase, according to M. Timis) and 20% of the shares. Then, why extract in a hurry all the gold from the inner Earth? Why not extract slowly, with cleanness, without cyanide? The gold does not regenerate, once extracted it is gone! The Romanian gold reserve, our national solvability will become a dream, like the Moscow treasure.

The Death of Mountains and Vomiting Cows
Excerpts from:

The Biggest Ecological Disaster in the History of Europe
Has Been Given the Green Light
By Ion Longin Popescu


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 17 May 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=180791

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