In the year 2025, we look back to see what happened after water became a commodity and to study the effect of hydrodollars on the new economy. Instead of a world of prosperity and plenty, we see a World Water Nightmare.

By 2025, the global trade in illegal water has become rife. The number of deaths from polluted and black market water is on the increase. Another class of water pollutants is running rife: residues of pharmaceutical drugs given to people and domestic animals. They are being measured in increasing quantities in surface water, in groundwater and in drinking water at the tap.

In the developing world, millions have died from thirst and starvation. Water wars have decimated the Middle East, China and parts of the USA. Vast tracts of farmland have become wasteland, handed over to the corporations which control the expansive allotments where our food is grown.

The commodification of water did not create “sustainable agriculture” or help the environment. The world has almost collapsed from soil acidity. Biotechnology, the science that promised food, health and hope for the world, has betrayed its proponents. In 2025, we see the results of genetically engineering crops to be less thirsty and more productive. The great famines which the world is currently experiencing are a direct result of monoculture based upon genetically engineered seed stocks. The price of food is out of reach of many urban dwellers. At first, they turned to home gardening--before it was declared illegal. Now they have no choice but to contribute to the cost of their food and water in kind through their toil. Or die. The life sciences have become the death sciences.

If only we had taken action when these plans were first revealed. If only our protests had not fallen on deaf ears. If only our governments had challenged the statements made at the World Water Forum 2000. Instead, they acquiesced to the plans, sending their ministers, advisers, bureaucrats and scientists to take part. The very future of humanity on Earth has been gravely imperiled by greedy, dishonest, power-hungry politicians and corporations. They have succeeded in reducing every component of Nature to an economic commodity. They have abrogated the ethics and spirit of life preservation and replaced them with the values of corporate consumerism.

The commodification of water… Genetic engineering and patenting of traditional seed stock… Control water, control food, control people… A truly dark age is upon us.

World Water Nightmare 2001 - 2025
By Susan Bryce
Australian Freedom & Survival Guide

Excerpt from “HydroDollars - The Privatisation of Water”
Nexus Magazine, May - June 2001

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