"Bush is not doing a good job of protecting America. It would be far more accurate to say he's doing a good job of destroying it. The super "patriotic" Bush family have a consistent habit of building up dictators, supplying them with arms, reaping the profits for themselves and their wealthy friends and then declaring their onetime allies to be the ultimate evil requiring a new war and the loss of American lives."

The UK Guardian Sunday October 14, 2001. Web Address: http://observer.co.uk/waronterrorism/story/0,1373, 573707,00.html


An excerpt of an essay by David Stern

A US military intelligence source revealed details of an internal intelligence memo that points to the Israeli Mossad intelligence service having links to the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. The intelligence source, who requested his name be withheld, confirmed the information that pointed to the threat of a covert Israeli operation on US soil to turn mass public opinion against Palestinian Arabs via an apparent terrorist attack on US interests that would give Israel the green light to implement a large scale military onslaught against the Palestinian Arab population.

The 11 September attack has been described by experts as being too sophisticated for a lone terrorist group to execute. "This attack required a high level of military precision and the resources of an advanced intelligence agency. In addition, the attackers would have needed to be extremely familiar with both Air Force One flight operations, civil airline flight paths and aerial assault tactics on sensitive US cities like Washington," stated David Stern an expert on Israeli intelligence operations.

The attacks targeted the Pentagon, World Trade Center towers, with the White House and Air Force One also being targets according to the FBI.

"The attacks have certainly turned US public opinion firmly back in Israel's favor after 11 months of Palestinian uprising, heavy criticism of Israel over war crimes allegations and racism at a UN conference in Durban. The attacks serve no Arab group or nation's interests but their timing came in the midst of international condemnation of Israel for its policy of death squad assassination of Palestinian political and police figures", added Stern.

If verified, the news of Israel's involvement in the US attack will come as no surprise to intelligence experts. The state of Israel has a long history of covert operations against Western targets with attacks on the King David Hotel, USS Liberty [and USS Cole*], murder of a Scandinavian UN envoy as well as espionage against the US during the Jonathan Pollard case.

On Wednesday the US Defense Department issued a warning to its officials to halt the leak of information on the investigation which it says is happening on a daily basis since the attacks occurred.

Who Attacked the U.S.A?
By David Stern
Stern-Intel (Canada)

http://www.todaysalternativenews.com/cole102000.html proposes that the U.S.'s warming relations with Yemen worried Israel and points out that the D-4 explosives used in the attack were only available to Israel and the U.S.

Information forwarded by Dick Eastman on 19 December 2001

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