(YellowTimes.org) – As Dick Cheney tours the Middle East in search of support for an American offensive against the Iraqi regime, Yellowtimes.org has learned through multiple independent sources that the Pentagon has already begun planning and building new bases in the region.

According to anonymous U.S. military sources, the new airbases will be in Jordan, the Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Logistics and communications components are already en route or being prepared for deployment from active duty, Reserve, and National Guard units.

American special forces units, also a mix of National Guard and active duty components, are being retasked for new missions in the Middle East, even to the detriment of ongoing missions in Central and South America.

Many local newspapers are reporting the deployment, or “spinning up,” of National Guard and Reserve units, but have failed to report the locations or destinations of these soldiers.

This military logistic and support activity orchestrated by the Bush administration falls in line with the recent comments of the Iraqi National Congress, the main opposition group of Saddam Hussein, which stated on National Public Radio (NPR) that for the first time, the United States has told them that it wants a regime change in Iraq.

This news comes as Vice President Dick Cheney tours the Middle East in search of support for the administration's aggressive policy towards Iraq. It also comes only weeks after the Saudis sent public, but low- key signals that they are unwilling to carry the burden of America's siege of Saddam Hussein.

While no source specifically confirms any American forces are heading to Syria, Iran, or Turkey, these new bases will create a neat arc of American firepower - from the wastes of eastern Jordan to the Persian Gulf - without any public debate or Congressional approval.

The U.S. Constitution specifically gives Congress, not the executive, power to declare war, and the War Powers Act gives Congress the responsibility of preventing the United States from stealthy or gradual slides into conflict.

While Congress has given an ambiguous "green light" to the president in his offensive against Al-Qaeda, no such vote or consultation has been held in reference to Iraq.

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U.S. Armed Forces Surrounding Iraq
Under Veil of Secrecy

By Christopher Reilly
YellowTimes.org Journalist

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 28 March 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=158919&group=webcast

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