In a statement released May 17, Lyndon LaRouche strongly opposed the proposal for creating a US Northern Command (“USNORTHCOM”), which would establish a military command system for the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean region.

“In its current strategic-policy-setting,” USNORTHCOM, “is clearly a proposal to ‘cross the Rubicon,’ a preparation to create a Caesarian military dictatorship over both the North American continent and the Caribbean, in imitation of the 49 B.C. action of Julius Caesar’s setting off that civil war among Roman military forces, which led to 31 B.C. establishment of the Empire of Augustus Caesar. In today’s world, it is a preparation for the Pentagon to cross the Potomac one morning, to place the US Attorney-General and his minions in power, reducing the President himself to a ceremonial, or even lesser figure in the configuration,” LaRouche wrote.

LaRouche pointed to the US posse comitatus doctrine of law, which “may be properly viewed as the US government’s recognition of the danger of allowing the circumstances under which corrupt elements of the Federal government might act to establish a military dictatorship in the USA. To breach that posse comitatus rule, under the circumstances of presently rampant, rising, crisis-stricken decadence in the US, is, in effect, to ‘cross the Rubicon.’”

LaRouche then pointed to utopian-imperial structures in the US, “the phenomenon which President Dwight Eisenhower came to describe as a ‘military-industrial complex.’ What Eisenhower referenced thus, is a complex of foundations, universities, military circles, and corporate oligopolies of military-industrial concentration.”

A Military Command Over the United States?
By Lyndon LaRouche

Ref: Citizens Electoral Council of Australia/Australian Alert Service Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 18, May 23, 2002

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