Quote from a Reuters’ article entitled:

Mystery Shrouds EgyptAir
Co-Pilot Blamed For Crash
By Andrea Shalal-Esa (Reuters)

“… the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority insisted again on Thursday that it had ‘cooperated in all aspects of the investigation,’ and accused the NTSB of using selected facts to back a theory that El Batouty deliberately caused the crash.

”It said the NTSB initially relied on inaccurate translations of Arabic words on the cockpit voice recorder, and failed to interpret them with Egyptian cultural nuances.

”For instance, the phrase ‘Tawakkalt ala Allah,’ or ‘I rely on God,’ would ‘never be used by a person who was about to do an evil deed,’ it said.

End quote


I am convinced that no one was knowingly on a WTC suicide mission. The planes were all taken over by remote control after hijackings were begun. And it was not the first time that a passenger jet was crashed by remote sabotage --

EgyptAir 990 was crashed in a "test" for the WTC, on Halloween, 11/31/99.

Exactly two years ago, the American Halloween, EgyptAir flight 990, a giant Boeing 767 took off from New York bound for Cairo Egypt with 100 Americans and 87 Egyptians aboard.

The takeoff had been successful and routine, but at one half hour into the flight, at 1;48;30 -- at a moment when the pilot left the controls for a trip to the toilet and the co-pilot was left in the cockpit alone -- an English voice can be heard on the black box recorder saying "control it."

The co-pilot was Egyptian and spoke Egyptian in all of the recording. One must conclude that someone was listening, overheard the captain say he was leaving the cockpit, then gave the order to take over control of the plane, because, the recording indicates, suddenly, control of the plane was taken from him, i.e., the cockpit controls were being overridden. -- After some seconds the co-pilot, reacting to his loss of control to a phantom controller, says, the Arabic equivalent of "God help us," "My trust is in God" or "In your keeping, Lord" --"Tawakkalt ala Allah.")

The co-pilot then disengaged the auto-pilot to restore control. Cockpit control was not restored. The co-pilot again said a prayer when the elevators dropped putting the plane into a dive. After sixteen seconds of this dive the Captain returned to the cockpit asking "What’s happening? What’s happening?"

Captain and co-pilot were presumably working to pull out of the dive, but the controls were not responding and now the throttles still under phantom control, turned up to full forward -- at which point the co-pilot reacted by cutting the fuel lines. Then, still by phantom control, the right and left elevators each moved all the way in the opposite directions and the ailerons on both wings both went fully up. The pilot cried "Get away in the engines! Shut the engines!" To which the co-pilot replied, "It's shut." The last words are of the captain frantically instructing "Pull! Let's pull! Let's pull!" At this point something shut off the instrument recorders (or they were later erased).

The American agency investigators, over strenuous Egyptian objections, concluded that the co-pilot pilot committed suicide!!!???? The Egyptians -- who understand the language, insist that suicide is an impossible and absurd interpretation of last moments of conversation recorded or of the earlier conversation at takeoff.


Take that [the EgyptAir 990 “suicide” pilot] with the news reported by Don van Natta Jr. and Kate Zernike in the11/04/01 New York Times that according to an F.B.I. official, the prayers found at the crash site [of 9-11] "exhort the foot soldiers to be strong in prison."

In the face of this no reasonable man, given the little we know at the moment, could possibly dismiss the possibility that the hijackers, never suspecting a suicide mission, were "stung," by infiltrators posing as leaders with orders from bin Laden -- who gave them the right passwords and instructions setting a non-suicide attention-seeking hijacking in motion -- but then, when the hijacking was underway these sting agents took remote control of the planes, making and turning them into cruise missiles as part of a gigantic geopolitical frame-up.**

[**This “switching” (or “bait and switch” double-crossing) tactic by government has been pointed out by the German Minister on the first WTC truck bombing in 1993 -- where the informant was told that dangerous explosive material would not be used in the frame-up of the players, but, in fact, was, in the larger scheme (to make Arab/Islamic enemies for the world). See article entitled, “German Minister's Interview Rips 9-11 Case Open” in the Covering Up the Cover Up Menu -- New World Peace.com]

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man

23 March 2002

The "Stung" Hijackers of 9-11 and the
Test Crash of Egypt Air 990

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