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Dear Mr. Corn:

I read with great amusement your ill-supported attack on my work and was surprised that, for a man of your supposed intellectual prowess, you had such a blatant disregard for facts that you so incorrectly reported. Please refer to the underlined passages of your missive below and I will show you just where you have erred.

Your criticisms focus on the case of Delmert "Mike" Vreeland, a US Navy intelligence officer imprisoned in Canada who, by admission -- in court -- of Canadian authorities, wrote an accurate warning of the September 11th attacks. That warning, which is now an official part of the court record in Canada, was placed into the sole custody of Canadian jailers on either August 11 or 12th, a month before the attacks. A copy of it (obtained directly from court records) is available on my web site at: The stamp admitting the document into evidence is clearly visible in the upper right hand corner of the document. Therefore the document itself is a bona fide source. During Vreeland's extradition hearings Canadian authorities have acknowledged, under oath, that they had sole possession of the sealed letter for one month prior to the attacks.

All of this was accurately reported by me in a From The Wilderness story dated January 25th and available on my web site at Either you did not have the thoroughness to read the story or your investigative abilities are severely impaired. But then you state only that the CIA has used drug dealers and avoid the full (and well documented) truth that they have dealt drugs directly for decades. I will be happy to debate you on this one too, but I doubt if you'll accept the challenge.

In addition, you attempt to discredit Vreeland by innuendo. You state that he is in jail on fraud charges. True enough, but did you also mention the fact that it was his own credit card? For a man such as yourself, with such great expertise on the CIA, who was Ted Shackley's chosen biographer (that should be enough to discredit you right there), I am surprised that you did not recall that during Iran-Contra a number of well documented intelligence sources were controlled by their respective agencies through the use of criminal charges connected to their areas of expertise. Vreeland had a per diem of $19,000; ergo he was controlled through a fraud charge. Similar victims during Iran-Contra included Scott Weekly (weapons), Steve Carr (drugs), Jack Terrell (weapons), Bo Gritz (passport), Scott Barnes (fraud) and Al Martin (fraud). There are others. While many of these men, to this day, have questionable reputations, it is beyond doubt, as established by official records, that they were intelligence operatives.

In addition, I have hired a Toronto correspondent who sits in on every court date as "Mike" Vreeland fights extradition to the US and certain death. I am traveling (again) to Toronto next week to meet both with Vreeland and his attorneys. It will not be the first time that I have been there or sat in on his court proceedings. Oh, yes, and you also forgot to mention that, in a call placed on a speaker phone from open court, a Pentagon operator confirmed Vreeland's Rank and office assignment at the Pentagon, This is a part of the court record too.

No, the Toronto Star did not confirm Vreeland's story. The Canadian court system did. And the fact that he wrote a warning of the 9-11 attacks a month before they happened and that it was sealed away from his access by his jailers who admit that no one else had custody is a shameful and incriminating fact that not even your sophistry can gloss over. Rational people will want to know how this man knew of the attacks and why the US government and The Nation are trying so hard to kill this story.

No, you will not get $1,000 from me. The facts are good. The story is good. My analysis is good and it is left for The Nation's readers to wonder whose interests you really serve. Your feeble attack reminds of a quote from Gandhi, "First they ignore you. Then they attack you. Then you win."

Let's see if The Nation will have the integrity to print my letter.

Michael C. Ruppert
"From The Wilderness"


The Rebuttal by Mike Ruppert
27 March 2002

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