It doesn't take much of a linguist to see that the statement presently alleged to be from bin Laden is in NO WAY similar to other statements attributed to him. The first incongruity is that the "message" is far too direct. Bin Laden's previous communiqués have been tangential, sometimes to the point of obscurity, and he typically has raised the use of allegorical clauses to almost an art form. Additionally, the formal and archaic salutations and exhortations favored by bin Laden are conspicuous by their absence in this piece - four and a half minutes without a single obligatory reference either to the prophet Muhammed, Allah, or any of the ancient lights of the Islamic faith.

There are other things wrong as well, in the syntax, cadence, and even the message itself [the moral: you can’t impersonate the soul of an individual, or even a religion, because some things just have an invisible quality irreproducible in a lab - ha! -]. This tape seems designed NOT to incite action by Muslims so much as to instill fear in Western populations - a tactic that has been proven only to make the West increasingly warlike in providing the justification for more military "solutions." A principal goal of whoever made this tape would seem to be to unite the previously reluctant members of America's wished-for "coalition" against Iraq.

"Whose interests does this tape best serve?" is the question that must be asked. The news reports claim that the CIA is busy doing an audio analysis to determine the tapes authenticity, but they needn't bother - the tape was probably created in the same lab doing the analysis. Your tax dollars at work.


Comment by an alert individual on Usama’s latest threats. Posted on the Independent Newswire on 12 November 2002.

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by Gar Smith / The-Edge
October 18, 2002

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