(Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, This Cooked-Up War Has Got to Go)

1. Grounds for Treason and Removal of Those in Power
A Remarkable Convergence of Thought on the 11 September, 2001 Turning Point

2. Covering Up the Cover-Up


Are We On The Path of Expanding Liberty or Tyranny?
The 1776 Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies of America - A Universal Document Pertinent to All Humanity In All Four Corners of the Earth
Declaring Independence and A State of Global Rebellion


A Picture of the Stars and a Voice from the Ethers
The Revelation of the Planets on 11 September 2001
Humanity's Liberation through a Never-Before Unity


Interim Addendums During Phase 1
Axis of Evil Pie, vs. The Push of Humanity

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