Explanation of adversarial role of non-representative government, and how the propaganda of its enmity compels society to attest to false prosperity, to the further detriment of prosperity.

The regular citizen, captive subject of the mainstream news, is regularly told a great lie, the truth of which is no labor to discover.

Collective "economists," analysts, traders, and theorists are a rather adverse group, itself largely dedicated to capitalizing events above the mind of an unapprehending public. Yet contrary to the positive drumming pledged singularly and perpetually by chosen money whores far to one side of this adverse collective, great disagreement actually exists, about the prospects of prosperity.

To little surprise, a puppet government and purported newsmedia are disposed to one facade. Regardless of ostensible political disposition, each are installed by a network of the world's most ferocious usurers; and the facade they consistently orchestrate, regardless of events and regardless of ostensible political disposition, is that usury is rectitude.

By this ambitious conduit of public sway, the detriments of the imposed system are, as much as possible, presented as positives. Negatives are refabricated to expressions of seeming positives. Negatives are filtered from view, ignored to every degree possible, and or, in the case of events which can be construed as upturn, the sequence, stripped of what negatives acted against it, is presented as a more or less homogeneous, perpetual positive progress of the subject society — while any possible achievement itself is only possible for the moment by yet greater exertion on our part, against the ever mounting adversities imposed by the system all our accomplishments are deceitfully attributed to.

The real net result is that society pays for its homes, generation by generation, with a lifetime of work — while those homes, paid for by the brunt of work of further generations, were produced by the society itself, by a mere few months work.

Likewise, the costs of government are multiplied many times over, while eighty percent of all the interest paid unnecessarily above the costs of government, is paid to less than one percent of the population. Unmiraculously, this small sector of the population in turn sets puppet after puppet in office. Regardless of ostensible political disposition, the spoken or unspoken commitment of every successive puppet is to ignore the iniquities of the system, and the costs to the society that puppet ostensibly represents.

With the circulation itself not being merely a circulation, but instead being subject to interest, the debt of society is perpetually and irreversibly multiplied to the profit of this small, misrepresented segment of the population, as the remainder of the society must, to maintain a vital circulation, re-borrow what they pay against principal and interest as subsequent debts increased so much as periodic interest.

Debt is perpetually multiplied, merely by the nature of the system. The consequences are painted as rectitude. Debt, and the costs of sustaining debt, multiply in proportion to commerce, with unreported consequences.

Yet while debt is multiplied by this adverse system, promoted in every possible way by our adversaries in government and the media, the accumulation of debt in proportion to commerce which their inimical efforts are designed to hide from us, amounts to an ever more incredible adversity.

According to their designs, we are never to wake up. Their profit-taking by perpetual multiplication of debt in proportion to commerce is somehow never to exceed us, that we should understand how pitifully ignorant it is we should pay so many times over for our own production that the wealth of a few may be multiplied.

Across the world, equivalent subversions and misrepresentation grow the debt of the world. In turn, the so-called economies of the world are subject ultimately to collapse under insoluble debt, merely because to retain the very unjust system is to retain its process of debt multiplication.

As there is no solution but perfection of the system so as the powers that be cannot profit unjustly and to ever greater degrees by the nature of the subverted currency, until the people do wake, the inherent, irreversible processes of the system continue, necessitating an ever greater lie, and degree of disservice.

Perpetuation of the basic lie itself then, has its consequences.

What the regular citizen may readily discover however, is the breadth and depth of disagreement among analysts, "economists," traders, and theorists. This obvious lack of consensus itself measures the magnitude of the one facade perpetually perpetrated by money-whore politicians and "news" media alike.

Is the consistent facade presented because the arguments of the propagandists have prevailed over the assessments of the far larger rest?

On what do these "somehow" prominent money whores pretend such agreement?

It is hardly a casual coincidence that "your" government and the mainstream "news" media are the last to acknowledge downturn, and the first to claim upturn. To little surprise, in the case of downturn, all evidence is ignored and downgraded until even an apathetic public could only see otherwise. In the case of purported upturn, however untrue, the slightest figure, which may represent something entirely otherwise, is readily misconstrued and misrepresented to indicate prosperity.

No responsible analyst, fortunes riding on their word, would cowboy the party line with the earnings situations presently confronting the championed corporations of the world.

Among the knowledgeable who at least exhibit the integrity NOT to encourage their investors into very unlikely water, ENRON is regularly reported with authority, to be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Such a distortion is the perpetual lie of prosperity, that across the breadth of the purported, thriving commerce, debt and diminished profit margins under debt are regularly hidden from view with great ambition, itself necessary to maintaining seeming credit-worthiness vital to continued survival.


BECAUSE under a system which multiplies debt to our ever greater detriment, and to our requirement for ever greater credit merely to maintain a vital circulation at the consequence of ever more insoluble sums of debt, in turn, the facade of credit-worthiness is ever more vital to surviving the ever mounting consequences of the system.

Why are we plagued with multiplication of debt and ensuing write-down of debt, everywhere?

Because despite the lie, this is the singular consequence of the system; and the perpetrators are the profiteers; and they have placed themselves in power to perpetuate the lie, that they may perpetuate their system of profit.

Their lie, and the debt they multiply upon us, in turn begets the further lies of subject commerce. In the vital interest of further credit-worthiness, business has concealed debt and by every possible means has necessarily attempted to dispense with debt and acquire further capital regardless of production. It is hardly any wonder, amidst truly threatened prosperity and the brink of system-wide insoluble debt, that in the interest of credit-worthiness, where credit-worthiness is vital, that commerce in turn will falsely report prospective gains as profits. In consequence to the lies of the perpetrators, the real health of the economy is terribly exaggerated — thanks in particular to ambitious compliance to political deception.

Everywhere, debt mounts in proportion to commerce.

And yet in the oddest, most adverse, and lamest possible turn, the victimized society is set in denial of its own demise.

The very fact of the lies exposes the failure of usury, and the imperiled condition of commerce, so purposefully misrepresented by the puppets of usury.

Mike Montagne — PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy

To find the players in all the corruption of the world, "Follow the money." To find the captains of world corruption, "Follow the money all the way."

"A country voting each for the self determines a subclass few of them will truly belong to, prevailing at the cost of the rest. Even a country voting for the good of all determines a good country only if it votes so well. It is incumbent on the wise to spread word of real solution."

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Contrarian Economics Inadvertently Proven by Failure of Usury By Mike Montagne
Tuesday, February 26, 2002


PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy


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Posted on the Independent Newswire on 26 February 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=141055

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