As an American Jew, I say that Israel has to go. Israel was not created as a homeland for the Jews, but as a base of operations in the Middle East for the United States and Britain to protect their oil interests.

It is time to wake up people. It is time to get off your lazy ass and investigate. Trust no one. Question everything. Here's some things to think about:

1. There is about 20 years left of oil. At the current rate of development of alternative energy sources, we will not be prepared for when the oil runs out. We must take care of it ourselves.

2. The Federal Reserve is a private bank with the IRS as its policing body. Ever wonder who we are in debt to? The Federal Reserve, that's who. What happened to the US Treasury? They still make coins. JFK tried to pay off our debt to the Federal Reserve so we could dissolve it....he was dead within the month. And what was the first thing LBJ did when he got into office? That's right....he got rid of that legislation.

3. Many demolitions experts agree that the WTC came down by explosives, not because of the planes. Well...who the F**K could have gotten away with that.

Stop taking everything for granted, folks. This world is full of questions that need answering, but America is dreaming.Wake the F up.

Israel Must Go!
By Anomaly

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 8 March 2002

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