Especially the journalists among us will have problems with the big items : they concern the American-Israeli nuclear capability, and the role of the international media towards the new global Holocaust they help fabricate.

Geopolitically the situation seems to be clear and understandable:

By sheer armed force the Government of the United States tries to dominate the world in order to ensure energy sources for its own further existence. This is done through the military industrial co-operation, without any respect for existing laws, or human values - neither nationally nor internationally. The well known "Might makes Right" policy, which as a result has started producing a backlash already: resentment and hate, turning into resistance.

The Israeli journalist Israel Shamir describes the other part of the power game:

"Today's Media World Dominated by Powerful Pro Israel Bias." […] "that the ‘news’ isn't a business; it's a way of keeping the ‘sheeple’ in line with carefully placed propaganda."

This combined US-Israeli propaganda during the past 50+ years has indoctrinated enough people to let the present pre holocaust actions happen. Every journalist should ask him- or herself: who are the real owners of the medium I work for? And what for?

[Further,] the main question behind it all:


We should be - like many others - able to conclude that the inhuman policy of the respective governments of the United States, combined with the Israeli influence, predicts a Holocaust for a great part of the world’s population.

Anybody looking at this fake so-called "War on terrorism" with open eyes asking: "Who Profits ?" will understand. The present holocaust concerns the end, of among others, the Palestinian people. PM Ariel Sharon and his associates have crossed all limits of civilization with actions for which we have punished many others.

So the question remains : why did we let it happen? Especially the journalists and teachers of journalism among us will have problems honestly answering that question.

Unless we all understand:

"Who Profits?"

And dare to tell others...

-The Netherlands - March 11th - 2002

Download attached file: media_world_dominated_by_isr.. (mimetype: application/waf )

Foreign Press Foundation
Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

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The Secret Bush Rhetoric Decoder
by Archimedes 4:36am Mon Mar 11 '02

Anytime a Bush speaks of "God" or "our country" in smarmy platitudes, substitute "oil companies" or "the rich corporate elite" and the real meaning will emerge from the linguistic muddle posed by memories of Jesus's teachings or the Constitution into the clarity begotten by Thomas Friedman and the Wall Street Journal.

More Decoding
by Beery 6:09am Mon Mar 11 '02

Freedom = Plutocracy

Democracy = Capitalism

Who Profits with comments from others
Posted on the Independent Newswire on 11 March 2002

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