Mr. SMITH senator of Michigan and Mr. WELDON representative of Pennsylvania, if you ever see this, you are free to respond in kind, in relation to HR 3598:

Involuntary conscription of all males ages 18 to 22 within the confines of "The United States of America"

Freedom and democracy are not fought for by those who are forced to at gun point.

People fight for freedom and democracy with freedom.

Only a fool or a fascist seeks to defend freedom with dictatorship, which one are you?

As President Bush would say, "we must defend ourselves against those whose evil vision can only be enforced with totalitarian, fascist or military dictatorship, they are the evil doers."

I am no one’s property, my children are no one’s property, and I draw the line at forced conscripted enslavement or any unlawful law or act which seeks to make this so.

Those who seek to enslave forget that freedom must be paid for in blood, not in the blood of the free, but in the blood of those enslavers who seek to destroy freedom.

The Men of my family did not fight, become mutilated, and die in the revolutionary war, the civil war, world war two, the Korean war and the Vietnam conflict, so that human beings in America and elsewhere could be enslaved by a corporatist military industrial complex of fascists, communists and socialists, who know nothing of service to their country, who seek power over, not service for the American people, who serve up lies instead of Truth, enslavement instead of Freedom.

They died believing they were protecting Truth, Justice, Democracy and the true American interests, "American way", that is the way of Freedom, which by its very definition can only be had through voluntary will, not at the end of a fascist powered firearm.

I shall refer you to my beloved State of New Hampshire's motto for my opinion of what must be done in the event of the passing of this fascist totalitarian, socialist, communist piece of obscene filth you call legislation, as to my activities in defending the freedoms of my family, myself and my fellow countrymen and human beings of every race creed religion, sex or other designation.

"Live Free or Die."

And I will add:
"It is not the blood of the Free, it is the blood of the slavers, fascists, dictators, military and otherwise that are the fuel for the fires of freedom."

And when you arrogantly chuckle to your self, you will know who and what you really are and you will know that America knows who and what you are.

I wonder how much Enron cash you and your criminal friends have funneled into your bank accounts, Mr. Weldon and Mr. Smith, and how many of your constituents will die because you stole their life savings, because of you they cannot provide for themselves in their old age and will suffer needlessly so you could pad your collective pockets with their lives.


Let no slaver breath free air.

Let no man call himself master.

Let no human suffer slavery of any kind.

Steven James Blake
Citizen of New Hampshire and
The United States of America


the corporatist-communist-socialist republic "STATE" of america.

A Nation Cannot Call Itself Free
If Its People Are Not Free

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 21 January 2002

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