Hi, I just have one question.

Why isn't our government on trial? Especially President Bush? There is an amazing amount of evidence that states that there was prior knowledge to the events of 9-11. This could have been prevented altogether. One very disturbing fact is that the US Air Force was given orders from the top brass not to do anything.

It is simply amazing that we let ourselves be controlled and blinded by CORPORATE MEDIA. If you dig any deeper than that, you will see that the CIA, FBI, NSA, and everyone else in the alphabet soup are the REAL terrorists. Follow the money please.

These organizations hide behind such fallacies as "the war on drugs," "the war on terrorism," etc. Take a look at who is going to win. These scum bags are funnelling copious amounts of money from drug busts and dealing the drugs and arms back on to the street and into the hands of rogue militants and street gangs in our cities. They are winning twice as much as we are losing. Who do you think invented Osama, the Crips, Bloods, the Taliban?

The very people we are to trust are taking dirty, bloody money and it goes unchecked into Swiss bank accounts and black projects. The CIA, FBI, POLICE are all guilty of money laundering and not simply by insider trading and market manipulation. This is BLOOD money. Did I mention murder? Murder of millions of people and murder to the Nth degree. WAKE UP AMERICA!

These sub humans are stealing everything from us. This is a war against the human race at large. Read the facts. Look at history and see for yourselves what the reason for any war was all about: ethnic cleansing, BIG OIL, greed, world domination, drug dealing, what do you think those little poppies they grow in Afghanistan are? Our dirty corporate American government is the biggest drug dealer of all of them. The war on drugs is murder of the innocent, and every other filthy thing you can mention here. It is time to put the real criminals on trial for murder. OUR OWN CORPORATE GOVERNMENT!! The roles have been reversed, we are at the mercy of a totalitarian group of elite criminals in our homeland, we have lost our Constitution and our moral fiber has been raped by the media crimeculture, and corporate greed.

I have looked at this whole thing from many angles and it all boils down to the most corrupt, despicable government on the planet. UNCLE SCAM. The evidence is mounting and I am so sick to my stomach that I can't sleep at night and will not call myself AMERICAN. Where is the justice?

This planned demolition on 9-11 was the work of highly skilled people in the government who had inside knowledge of explosives, and controlled demolition. This was PLANNED by technicians in our own country, not by some people living in the dirt. It takes computer skill to do this, and to fly those planes takes extraordinary skill, some one would have to have computer assistance and control of these airplanes, i.e., AWAC control.

If you believe that some guys with towels on their heads living in the dirt with some box cutters did this, you should seriously examine the logistics of what it takes to pull something like these attacks off.

Don't believe the media, for one thing they already knew about this before it happened and were hand fed a pre-written script especially made for you. Look at who owns the mass media. It is appalling that every shred of evidence will be censored in the mainstream media. Who do you work for??

If you really cared about anything you would come forward and tell the truth about our terribly corrupt government and how they have exclusive rights to the media. It is our moral responsibility to inform, not konform.

We will all learn the hard way if you do not stand up for what is right. Our right to the truth. The truth is this whole war is about lies and BIG OIL, which we know where dubbya [President Bush] gets his money from. Did I mention that this has been a dictatorship since the bogus presidential election? WAKE UP!!

First it was New York, who do you think is next? I have a bad feeling that it could be something far worse than NY, and it probably will be right here in California.

If you don't start seeing the truth we will be sold out as a nation before next year. It will be the end of glory days forever.

bye bye miss america pi..
check the logic......
I hope to God that you wake up America


America Is Being Bootjacked By Our Own Government

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 17 December 2001
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=106955

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