1. First gather a group of experts on biological weapons to expose government involvement in the weaponized Ames strain Anthrax scare. Dr Len Horowitz is one of those experts. From what I can tell, it will be fairly easy to put this information together and present it to a judge to form either a grand jury or to begin a class action suit on behalf of the victims of anthrax. Include witnesses and whistleblowers. This case could almost certainly be won for both civil damages and criminal punishment of the responsible parties in the military, CIA and probably the FBI and DOJ.

2. Once the Anthrax case is won, it will embolden our efforts and then be time to approach the larger issues. First gather a group of experts to form a panel for a public conference on government complicity in the 911 attacks. I could list a few experts here: Fmr LAPD Detective Mike Ruppert, Fmr Naval Intel officer Al Martin and attorney David Schippers. A public forum town meeting style over webcast may prove to be the best method of dissemination. The point would be to put our case together and iron out the details through examining the timeline, historical precedents and to establish clear motives and connections to the key players. Bin Laden is a chief accomplice, but he is a minor player compared to those in our government who originally ordered and planned these attacks for financial and geopolitical gains. It will be exceedingly important to include witnesses as well as survivors and victim's families in this process.

3. When public support and interest have reached the critical stage, it is time to approach the victims of 911 and offer them a class-action suit for civil damages against the US government implicating the FBI, CIA, DOJ and the Executive as being complicit and conspiring to essentially hire contract terrorists to commit mass-murder on American soil for the purpose of implementing a globalist police-state agenda though the age old Machiavellian methods of Problem-Reaction-Solution. It would be important to gather as many eyewitnesses as possible to take their depositions, including the brave firefighters who are still questioning what has happened. Again our experts would be called to testify and top-level players would be subpoenaed to be cross-examined up one side and down the other. This must include: Chief Gen Myers, Attorney Gen Ashcroft, FBI Director Louie Freeh, CIA DCI George Tenant, Dick Cheney and even George W Bush. At the very least, this process if conducted with discipline and care for the objective unpoliticized truth, will yield some of the justice we have been hoping for, but better yet will force the globalist machine to back down and create space for a change in the government. A real criminal trial should follow this so that those in and out of government responsible for planning and conspiring to commit these crimes will be held accountable, Al-Qaeda members included! Only then we will have a chance for real security and freedom in this country and in the world at large. May it be so!

4. Finally there are many other smaller things we can do and which we are doing. The main thing is to educate the people on the facts they have been kept from by the "official sources" and the mainstream state-controlled media. Books, newsletters and articles will need to be written. The more websites and forums the merrier! Public talks with experts like Mike Ruppert will need to be arranged in every major city. Serious, critical documentaries with high production values must be filmed and displayed before wide audiences. And last but not least, each of us who have even the slightest handle on what really happened, owes it to our friends, families and even strangers we meet to explain what we know and hope that they will understand. May this be the year we turn the globalist plan on its head, defeat the New World Order agenda and bring reform to government.

May you all enjoy a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Another citizen:

Help me find where there are Special Grand Juries currently sitting in U.S. District Courts and where there are some decent U.S. Attorneys remaining and we can do something about it. Congress is part of the cover-up so we can't count on them to do anything. The people have a chance under 18 USC 3332 to demand the evidence be presented to a Special Grand Jury. We can worry about proving jurisdiction to the district after we find where the Special Grand Juries are and where U.S. Attorneys remain who are not just puppets of the illegitimate dictatorship.

And another:

Just recently I listened to a radio broadcast that involved five different people discussing the question of where we are following those events. Their view is, I'm afraid, contrary to the view held by most Americans because it does not applaud the steps taken by the Bush Administration to "war against terrorism." Instead it raises many questions about those actions. Questions that I consider legitimate.

Why was the Patriot Act pushed through the Congress in such a rush that the members of Congress were not allowed to read the Act before voting on it?

Why has there seemingly been no tightening of our borders to prevent more terrorists from coming in?

Why were attempts to follow up on what one Emergency Management Official said in a CBS interview with Dan Rather about arriving in New York on the evening of the September 10, 2001, met with "no comment?"

Why are we considering using totalitarian tactics (military tribunals) to interrogate and prosecute those suspected of terrorist activities?

Why was the basis for the Office of Homeland Security drafted and ready for implementation, starting back as early as 1999?

The fact that more Americans are not asking these questions bothers me.

All the emphasis on patriotism, through flying American flags (most of which seem to have been made in China) and doing nothing that might be considered failure to support the president, has the aura of pseudo-patriotism to this writer, especially when one understands that there were rumblings from the Middle East as early as June or July that the United States was planning an invasion of Afghanistan by October, 2001.

With all the information about what might be expected from terrorists that was already public knowledge, the failure of our intelligence sources to have advance knowledge seems absurdly unprofessional. And if they did not have advance knowledge, the quickness with which they established blame would seem to be an amazing bit of intelligence gathering.

I know that such contrary views are not popular these days, and president Bush would call them "conspiracy theories,” a term he used in a speech to the UN General Assembly on November 10, 2001, when he said: "We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th - malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty."

One more question I think needs to be asked: if there is nothing to cover up, why cover up?


There are other groups, well organized, around the world, working on the same questions.

People of all walks of life, of every color of ideology, are arriving at the same conclusion, are looking for solutions.

To lets role up our sleeves and start building our better future.

31 December 2001
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

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