Evidence of U.S. Collusion

The main points of the evidence presented in this article can be quickly summarised in this way.

1) The US airforce was comprehensively "stood down" on the morning of September 11. Routine security measures, normally in place, which may well have been able to prevent the attacks, or reduce their impact, were suspended while the attacks were in progress, and re-instated once they were over.

2) The actions of the President, while the attacks were occurring, indicate that he deliberately avoided taking any action which might have been reasonably expected of a President wanting to protect American citizens and property.

3) Osama Bin Laden was unofficially convicted of the attacks within a time frame that could not possibly have allowed any intelligence to have been gathered which supported the accusation.

4) There are reasonable grounds for suspicion that the US attack on Afghanistan was already planned before Sept 11.

5) The USA and Bin Laden are not the enemies they pretend to be. There is a long history of co-operation, and evidence that this is still going on, behind the scenes.

6) There are significant business ties between Bin Laden and senior members of the Bush administration.

7) Revelations of profits made by insider trading relating to the Sept 11 attacks, point to the top levels of US business and the CIA.

8) There are a number of miscellaneous aspects regarding the official stories about Sept 11 which do not fit with known facts, which contradict each other which ask us to defy common sense, and which indicate a pattern of censorship and misinformation.

Some points of the evidence are "provable" with documentation; some are "strongly compelling", some are "circumstantial", some are "speculative" and some of them are simply logical musings and common sense observations. A large volume of evidence has been gathered and published elsewhere in the form of separate articles, relating to different aspects of the issues.

The primary aim of this article is not to present significant new research, but to draw all known evidence together as a summary in a single article. Those who want to examine and explore specific details, and sources should go to the links provided at the end of each section. These links lead to more detailed articles which are fully referenced. Of course, some sources cannot be fully verified, and there is an explanatory note about this towards the end.

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September 11 Attacks - Evidence of US Collusion
By Steve Grey
stevegreyau@yahoo.co.uk ---

An excerpt from the article posted on the Independent Newswire on 11 January 2002.

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