Bush, CIA, Oil, Russia, Bin Laden, WTC -- what are the links?

CIA and Bush (director of the agency in late 70s). CIA and Bin Laden (as a Saudi-born millionaire operative). CIA and "freedom fighters" (financed and trained to fight "Evil Empire" Russia). Bin Laden and "terrorists" (financed and trained to fight "Great Satan" America). Bush and Bin Laden Family (members of highly secretive and powerful international Carlyle Group and investment in Bush Jr.'s first oil venture). Bush and Saudi Family (long-time oil business associates). Saudi Family and Bin Laden Family (most powerful families in Saudi Arabia).

Bush Family and Oil (made millions with own Texas-based Zapata oil company and others). Cheney and Oil (ex-CEO of giant oil services company Halliburton). Saudi Family and Oil (own giant Aramco oil company). Enron and Oil ("was" 7th largest American company). Bush and Enron (biggest contributor to Bush campaign). Bush and Kenneth Lay (long-time "buddies" and CEO of Enron). Enron and the Pentagon (seeks to "privatize" gas, electric and natural gas utilities on all American military bases). Enron and Thomas White (current Secretary of the Army in the Pentagon and ex-chairman of Enron).

Caspian Sea and Oil (potentially largest reserves of oil in the world). Russia and Oil (world's largest natural gas reserves). Iran and Oil (world's second largest oil reserves apart from Saudi Arabia). Russia and the Caspian Sea (mostly lost after collapse of the Soviet Union). Iran and the Caspian Sea (stands to own large part and is best pipeline route). Chechnya and the Caspian Sea (border each other). Russia and Chechnya (conflict disputing independence started after oil discoveries). Afghanistan and Oil (second-best pipeline to huge oil reserves in land-locked Caspian Sea).

Afghanistan and US (abandoned to ruins after Soviets defeated and just recently ruled by the Taliban). Afghanistan and Bin Laden (fought with "freedom fighters" against America's Soviet enemies). Afghanistan and the Taliban (ex-freedom fighters turned "unofficial" government after providing some law and order in the war-torn country and followers of the Wahhabi brand of Islam). Saudi Arabia and the Taliban (only supporter apart from the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan). Pakistan and the Taliban (created and supported by Pakistan to enable "commerce" between the two neighboring countries).

US and the Taliban (difficult relationship with many conflicting interests). Bin Laden and the Taliban (fought together against the Soviet invasion and became his "host"). Bin Laden and Al-Qaida (ex-freedom fighters and ex-CIA recruits mostly from Saudi Arabia and Egypt fighting for freedom of the "Muslim State" from foreign invaders through guerilla warfare or "terrorism" and also followers of the Wahhabi brand of Islam). Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism (birth and major supporter of this "fundamentalist" brand of Islam). Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Family (growing unpopularity due to its support of US foreign policy in the Middle East). US and Saudi Arabia (long-time allies due primarily to the common interests of the Saudi Royal Family and the US in Saudi oil).

US and Egypt (long-time ally of the US). Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaida (major breeding ground for "Islamic fundamentalism"). Egypt and Al-Qaida (the other major breeding ground for "Islamic fundamentalism").

Russia and US (long-time enemies vying for world domination after WWII). China and US (long-time enemies after becoming a communist nation). Iran and US (long-time enemies after the popular overthrow of the Shah’s US puppet government). Afghanistan and US (future home of US military forces smack in the middle between enemies Russia, China, and Iran). US and Oil (can't survive without it). US and the World (overt and covert long-term strategic economic, diplomatic and military positioning for world domination of natural resources). US and the CIA (covert operations). Bush and the CIA (covert operations). Bush and the WTC attack...

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Posted on the Independent Newswire on 21 January 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=121923&group=webcast

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