Other Concerns

Even if the system WAS ready, what then?

An ICBM does not simply go up and come down. It goes up, establishes an orbit over the target(s), and releases its payload of up to eight multiple-megaton warheads. Where will these warheads land? Will they be armed and detonate? Will there be irradiation around the crash site(s)?

These are questions which the world must seek to answer, since the system seeks to protect only American soil, leaving the rest of us to our own defences. (And they've made it very clear how much they care about the rest of us.)

We must look at the correlation between Bu$h and the companies which stand to earn billions of dollars through the development of the system. There is a conflict here. After all, that is what this system is really about, not the security of the American people.

We must seek out de-militarization, not more weapons. We are heading in the wrong direction. Where is the "democracy" that Bu$h claims other countries despise so much? I don't see it. I see a spoiled little dumb kid, who "doesn't play well with others".

P E A C E . . .

By Jordan Thornton

Post from the Independent Newswire on 4 January 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front/php3?article_id=113917

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