Happy Jesus Day -- the anarchist revolutionary

Happy Easter,

As many of you know, Easter comes from the Germanic Eostar in which the hare laid the fertile eggs for the coming agricultural harvest. But, today, the US mainly celebrates the Christian version--the rebirth of the God on Earth, now in the Otherworld.

I wanted to say something though about this considering the kind of turmoil the world is in now. And, it is important to understand that what you are seeing is just the beginning. We are living in revolutionary times, just like in the times of Roman statist oppression against the Jews (ironically, we see the same kind of torture committed against the Palestinians today). The fact is, if Jesus was alive today, George W would consider him a terrorist. Jesus was a revolutionary anarchistic visionary--he saw not only the messiah being for the Jews but also for the whole world. He understood that heaven wasn't some mystical concept but something that could be attained in the here-and-now.

As a non-Christian, I respect this Jesus, the revolutionary. he stood up to the most powerful empire on our planet and said, no more, no way! He shook the empire to its core and almost brought it down. But, alas, as empires go, it crumbles slowly.

We can only hope that the most powerful empire in history will be brought to its knees by its citizens. That its citizens act like a body of Jesus--the Second Coming incarnate! This is what Revelation is all about--may this Spring be one of Jesus -- of renewal! Peace, Justice, Anarchy!

Jesus Was A Terrorist
By Mike

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 31 March 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=161822

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