Perplexed by the irony that you pay taxes to fund the U.S.'s escalating militarism that you steadfastly oppose and work to transform?

Please join us, One Million Taxpayers for Peace, a national grassroots campaign. We organized specifically to unite the growing opposition to Washington’s agenda--at least 20% of the country--into one loud voice to proclaim, "NO MORE!" With Tax Day approaching, our protest is with money and letters.

Individuals may choose civil disobedience of deducting a symbolic $10.40 from federal taxes due, or pay in full. Either way, we make clear that any payment is under protest. We will also send a $10.40 "peace tax" as a "vote of dissent" to One Million Taxpayers for Peace. This money will fund conflict resolution programs in our communities and schools. Only by teaching nonviolent solutions to aggression and conflict will we put an end to war and the culture of war.

Our strategy of symbolic (no- and very low-risk) tax protest, while offering an actual alternative for the future, is to indeed unite us one million and more taxpayers into a shout no longer able to be ignored by corporate media and public policy-makers.

A sample letter from our web site:

Dear Internal Revenue Service,

Along with other taxpayers, I am paying my taxes only under protest this year. (or: I am deducting $10.40 from my federal taxes this year). I am sending $10.40 to One Million Taxpayers for Peace as a symbolic gesture of opposition to my government’s disproportionate military spending. My conscience demands that I resist in some way complicity in funding our excessive military spending and actions. I am among many who are disappointed that America’s government’s response to Sept. 11, 2001, focuses on outdated, destructive policies of more bombs, more oil drilling and nuclear plants, more aid to big corporations, and little else, even though we were told "everything had changed." What of honest inquiry into the roots of terrorism, and addressing what motivates such desperate acts?

I am glad to redirect $10.40 to One Million Taxpayers for Peace, a new nationwide campaign, whose work is to voice our collective dissent to the government. (By the simple civil disobedient action of reducing our tax payment by $10.40 and redirecting) This ‘vote’ of dissent will fund civil conflict resolution programs in our schools and communities nationwide. We are letting the public, elected officials, and other nations know that there is indeed widespread opposition to the military direction of our government. There is another way.

In peace,

Dissenting Through Taxes

More Voices of Dissent
By One Million Taxpayers for Peace

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 18 March 2002

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