Investigations into American neo-conservative geopoliticians promoting the “Clash of Civilizations” policy for global religious warfare, have shed light on the central role of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based “Foreign Policy Research Institute” (FPRI). Board members of FPRI include the British “Arab expert” Bernard Lewis, who first coined the terminus technicus “clash of civilizations” in the early 1990s, and Harvard University’s Samuel P. Huntington, whose writings promoting the “clash of civilizations” have become notorious throughout the world. Other board members include former Secretary of State Alexander Haig; former CIA director James Woolsey; former Attorney-General Richard Thornburgh; cosmetics fortune billionaire Ronald Lauder, a leading bankroller of the Sharon and Netanyahu milieus in Israel; and Midge Decter, wife and mother of two of the most fanatical neoconservative ideologues in the US, respectively Norman and John Podhoretz.

The current director of FPRI, and editor of its house publications, Orbis, is Daniel Pipes, who agitates repeatedly, in syndicated columns in the US press, for a global war against what he denounces as “militant Islam.”

FPRI was founded in the 1950s, by Austrian-born investment banker Robert Strausz-Hupe, with money from the Smith Richardson Foundation, one of the main funding conduits for “geopolitical” projects. Strausz-Hupe, a prominent figure on the post-World War Two US strategic scene up to recent years (approaching 100 years of age), was close collaborator of William Yandell Elliott, the super-Anglophile who headed the Government Department of Harvard University in the first decades following the war, and who was a leading figure in a bizarre grouping of American academics, who promoted the cause of the 1861 - 1865 “Southern Confederacy”. Elliott was the mentor of, among others, Huntington, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and McGeorge Bundy. The latter three all served as National Security Adviser in American administrations, while Huntington also served on the National Security Council, in a senior capacity. Both Kissinger and Yandell Elliott were on the board of advisers of Orbis, from its inception.

Strausz-Hupe is also well-known, for his fanatical advocacy of the geopolitical theories of Sir Halford Mackinder and Karl Haushofer (the latter being his personal preference). In the inaugural issue of Orbis, in 1955, he wrote the lead article, “The Balance of Tomorrow,” in which he defined the 1955-2005 period as an epoch of “the American universal empire”. The mission of the American people, wrote Strausz-Hupe, “is to bury the nation states, lead their peoples into larger unions, and overawe with its might the would-be saboteurs of the new order….The American empire and mankind will not be opposites, but merely two names for the universal order under peace and happiness. Novus orbis terrarum.”**

**The American people are by no way leading this present global charge, as stated above. Instead, under the present charge, they have and are being deceived; their rights and liberties are diminishing at a rapid pace, manipulated into bondage and under the control of the select few as they widen their orbit to the rest of the world --

How The “Clash of Civilizations” Doctrine Was Manufactured
By the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Australian Alert Service
Vol. 4 No. 1, January 10, 2002

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