Agence France-Presse [AFP] has discovered that the United States has just waved Afganistan from sanctions imposed on narcotics shipping regimes.

We knew that Northern Alliance druglords grow 70 to 90 percent of the world opium, most of which China then converts to heroin for distribution through the Caribbean to the U.S. and through Albania and Kossovo to Western Europe. We know that with the anti-narcotics Taliban eliminated China's supply of opium for heroin production will increase and with it global illegal drug revenues which will mean hundreds of billions of more dollars and euros of drug revenues per year laundered through the the major banks of Wall Street and City of London investment banking houses -- most of it returned to China in the form of 49 percent investments in Chinese firms.

This, as much as the pipeline through Afganistan was the economic reason for the 911 frame-up of Afganistan by the CIA/Mossad/MI6.

And now with the cutthroat rapist thugs of the Northern Alliance now in control of crushed Afganistan we see the U.S. lifting sanctions on opium trade, just as has been done with Haiti!!!

(Haiti once threw off druglord crime boss Aristide and the populist parliament of Haiti had just begun investigations into the narcotics trade through Haiti when Clinton, with lightening rapidity invaded at restored Aristide to power -- and the drug trade flourishes as Haiti is reduced to utter death-smelling desolation and an "official religion" of voodoo.")

But now, as can be read at with links to
we find the story "US To Waive Afghanistan Narcotics Sanctions" which says we are waving the sanctions against illicit narcotics trading governments for "national security reasons" -- amazing! -- we invite a flood of heroin in this country (doubtless to replace crack cocaine soon as the drug of choice) for national security reasons!!!

But the absurdity does not end there -- Afganistan was also waived last year -- but for what reason the Agence France-Presse does not say. Perhaps the Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Rand Beers tells us at the news today in which the list of sanctioned and excused narcotics and the exemption of the two biggest culprits is to be announced.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington


P.S., btw,

Israeli people must stop Likud torture of women. (Although they have about as much chance of doing that as I have of stopping George Bush from carrying through with the frame-up conquests.)

From: World Organization Against Torture (OMCT)

Israel: torture and ill-treatment of female prisoners in the Neve Tertze women's prison in Ramle


(...) After the last suicide bombing in Jerusalem, the criminal prisoners in Neve Tirza screamed death threats at the political prisoners and threw glasses into their cells. About 30 riot police, men and women, sprayed the cells of the political prisoners with tear gas, even though there are strict directives prohibiting spraying tear gas inside a closed space. Some of the women fainted. The police entered the cells of the Palestinian women and started beating them with their truncheons. Amne Muna was subjected to the worst beating; her mouth and eyes were forcibly held open by two wardens, while tear gas was sprayed on her face. Both lawyers have seen the burns on her face. She also told the lawyers that an officer threatened her with murder. Amne was later told by the prison authorities that she had not been punished for any personal wrongdoing, but because she is the representative of the women. CLIP

OMCT fears for all the female prisoners' physical and psychological integrity in the Neve Tirtza prison. OMCT is also very concerned about the generally bad conditions for Palestinian female prisoners in this prison. See also urgent appeals Cases ISR 230701.1 and a follow up and ISR111001 Child Concern /Violence against Women and its two follow-ups.

Action requested

Please write to the Israeli authorities urging them to:

i. Guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of the female prisoners in Neve Tirtza prison in Ramle at all times and to ensure their access to medical care;

ii. Carry out a full and impartial investigation into the alleged torture and ill-treatment, in order to identify those responsible, bring them to trial and apply the penal, civil and/or administrative sanctions provided by law in accordance with international legal standards;

iii. Ensure that immediate action is taken to guarantee that the conditions in Neve Tirtza prison in Ramle meet international standards;

iv. Guarantee all human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with international human rights standards.


(AFP) - The United States is to announce that it will waive sanctions imposed against Afghanistan for the production of illicit narcotics in a move aimed at supporting the interim government in Kabul.

Afghanistan and Haiti are to be the only countries to receive waivers when the State Department releases its annual review of nations engaged in the illicit drug trade, the official told AFP.

U.S. Waves Sanctions Against
Northern Alliance Opium
By Dick Eastman

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by 23 9:26am Tue Feb 26 '02

The government uses drugs and drugsdealers, to kill any social struggle. In other words: get the kids addicted.

So, Bush needs the drugs, to stay in control.

When the opposition against Bush and the rest of the New World Order will gain strength, the number of addicts will grow.

Keep an eye on it.

There are enough examples in recent history.

I'm not a drug moralist, but I do know what to do with government-supported drugsdealers.


U.S. Waves Sanctions Against Northern Alliance Opium with comments

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 26 February 2002

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