“Let’s see [those talk show hosts] deal with the idea that it’s absolutely necessary to kill civil liberties and rights in order to save them”

– karlof1 on the Independent Newswire.
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=306524&group=webcast

1. “The Structure of the Corruption of Democracy” by David Bright Morning

2. “Instant –Mix Imperial Democracy – Buy One, Get One Free” by Arundhati Roy

3. “FCC: Public Be Damned” by John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney

4. Stealing the Media Away from Democracy – The Lowdown

To make a long story short: The concentrated power of corporate persons has overwhelmed our democratic system.

5. “Jefferson Was Right” by Dr. Michael P. Byron

"A popular Government without popular information of the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."
--James Madison

6. “Media Monopoly vs. Democracy” by John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney

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