There are 2 powers:

On the one side, the Global enemy: the US of the Shrub al-Shaitan regime, the Zionist corruptocracy, and their minions and killer zombies and orcs and slaves.

On the other side, there is Humankind: the decent people of all the planet, whatever their race, gender, age, belief, whatever.

[These two powers] are at war; the Global Enemy has launched a frontal assault to enslave all the people of Earth, and to create a Global State of Terror. This war is the “Global War'', the last war. If we win, there will never be another. If the monsters of the Global Enemy win, we'll suffer an eternity of evil.

GLOBAL WAR 2001 – ?

Comment on the Independent Newswire by Harq al-Ada.

1. “The Dubya War Glossary” by Geov Parrish,

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