Why does the United States government keep claiming that they have proof that Osama Bin Laden is behind the attacks on the World Trade Towers, when they don't produce the proof? Isn't this the very proof that justifies going forward with the invasion of Afghanistan that has been openly discussed in the foreign press since last summer, long before there were any "terror attacks"? Despite its early promises to show this evidence openly, as would be required in any American court of law, the government of the United States has withheld the evidence, insisting that it cannot be revealed for reason of "National Security".

Some of this evidence has supposedly been shared with the governments of other nations to persuade them to join the cause of bombing a lot of Afghani non-combatants. Does this mean the only people this evidence is secret from are the people being asked to surrender their taxes and their children to pay for this adventure? I always thought the requirement that proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt against an accused be fully public is a cornerstone of our American culture?

By George Szamuely

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