Coming to Grips With the Issue

Shortly after the World Trade Center towers collapsed, information began surfacing that posed serious questions about what caused the collapse. The internet was abuzz. Then respected media sources began to report such information. Finally someone gathered the pieces together.

We are unfortunately in an era where soundbites are clearly in mode. We have to force ourselves to read a detailed article carefully and reflect upon its meaning. I sincerely hope you will take the time to carefully read this article and think about the implications.

Were we mislead on the World Trade Center disaster? If so, why? Was it to bring the American people to support a war? Would we have been supportive of the bombing and killing of innocent people in Afghanistan if we didn't think we had been attacked by Osama bin Laden and that we were bombing Afghanistan to catch or kill him?

This is a serious issue for all Americans. It is not a matter of being patriotic or not. It is a matter of understanding what our government has told us and what it is doing. We must recognize the difference between loving our country and paying close attention to the actions of our government.

There is a great deal of information in this article. It warrants an hour or two of our time to come to grips with the issue.

Don Stacey

16 January 2002

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