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By Webslave

Posted on in the Comment Section to an article entitled, “The Truth About September 11” by Freebooter on 17 January 2002 – with further comment and links by another poster

Yes Webslave, plus Steve Grey IMC Posting
By mime is money 5:24pm Thur Jan 17 ‘02

Go webslave--the Make Them Accountable 'what did they know' page has systematic point of view:
Good page to send people to, who are skeptical about so-called conspiracy'/whatever--
It has many mainstream (US & international) newspaper articles about 9.11 official misstatements/, pretty good commentary and analysis by site readers, also unfolding Enron coverage.

What Did They Know main index page

What Did They Know Latest Additions page

also don't forget to keep checking:

The Emperor's New Clothes--Articles on 9.11

Michael Ruppert--From The Wilderness Publications

Sherman Skolnick's Report

What Really Happened

Patrick Martin on WSWS--Part 1 on foreknowledge (Part 2 tomorrow, Friday January 18)

And these good overviews:

Steve Grey's IMC article on September 11 collusion

Patrick Martin on WSWS--invasion plans pre-9.11

Narco News Publishes Sgt. Stan Goff

Jim Marrs overview of the war on terrorism

More Proof of Bush 9.11 Complicity

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 17 January 2002

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