I am involved in a discussion on Mind-X (which receives submissions from the likes of Stephen Hawking ...) entitled "Is Globalization Foolish", and wanted to share this response to a post that I had made.

Some great points, expressed in a way I had not thought of.

As always, please add your two cents, and keep the debate alive ...

Some good commentary Pilgrim. I basically agree with everything you said. Some specific comments:

With the new increases in military spending, the US will soon control a military the size of the next nineteen combined. By the time the world gets the balls to stand up to the US, it may just be too late.

If one considers that a corporation is a mini-government, and if corporations are merging, and eventually merge into one (or a handful), isn't that an effective world government right there? In such case, wouldn't all the employees of such mega-corporation be it's citizens, subject to its policies and by-laws? If such a scenario happens, wouldn’t it be kind of a surprise? I mean, after all, weren’t we expecting the UN or the U.S. or the CFR, or the Trilateral Commission or the Fed or the military to take over the world? But instead some yet-to-be-named mega-corporation ends up eating the pie. That would be a twist in the plot? And this would probably be the corporation that also takes over nanotechnology and thus ushers in the Singularity itself. Under such a circumstance, what role would rank-n-file humans play? Seems to me that they would simply be kept around laboring until the mega-corp no longer need us as a work force. Then we would probably be phased and replaced by robots and AI.

So, for those wondering what the Singularity will be like, I bet you can start by wondering what a mega-corporation will be like. Because right now you’re headed towards it if you don’t question GLOBALIZATION. Is that foolish? I think so. After all, the Singularity will probably be some sort of Artificial Intelligence or Entity. No? Well isn't a corporation a sort of Artificial Intelligence? We know they’re Artificial Entities (as defined by the state), but aren’t they also Artificial Intelligence’s as well? Don’t they operate by robotic commands from a board of directors and the cold feelings of calculating executives who care nothing about human values, who care only about “MAKING MONEY and “STOCKHOLDER VALUE.” How often have you heard those puke terms? So I would say whatever entity becomes the Singularity will act very corporate-like. Very scary.

It's the same as in business. Corporations make life unbearable for most of their employees. But since corporations are gobbling up most companies in most industries, their attitude is "if you don't like it ... too bad. Yo

Globalization And the Singularity
By James Jaeger

c/o Jordan Thornton

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 5 March 2002
Ref: www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=145249&group=webcast

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