As for the story which appeared in Newsweek, etc., about plucky passengers on UA Flight 93 jumping the hijackers (“OK, let’s roll!”) -- this was almost entirely fictitious, fabricated by some psy-war operative with training as a two-bit Hollywood scriptwriter and disseminated with the help of some willing media whore.

The story even has the ultimate terror of imminent death in the ‘reported’ (but unread by you or I) last words of an airline stewardess. “My God, my God, I see buildings…..water!”

Down at the bottom of the Bargain Bin, in the pulp fiction section of the local charity shop, I can find dime-a-dozen trashy novels with plenty of “My God, My God…” dialogue.

But the REAL world of actual airline stewardess has people, not cartoon dumb blonds. They KNOW what New York looks like from the air …

She might have said something credible like: “Jesus Christ! We’re gonna hit Manhattan.”

But no. “I see buildings….” (…and, wait for it…) ..pause.. “…water.” Check out that pregnant pause in every publication of the quote. Does that pause feel right to you? Not to me. The whole thing feels like a ham-fisted effort designed to make us believe certain things. **

It is possible, however, that the part about the passengers calling on their cell phones has some truth (see below in Section 5) -- but not the part which has one of the passengers, Mark Bingham, calling his mother, saying “Hi Mom, this is Mark Bingham.”


**See referenced, related document “Tall Tales of the Wag the Movie” at the Serendipity site file, section 3, entitled, “The Official Story: The Twin Towers.”

"Hi Mom, This is Mark Bingham"
By Peter Meyer

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