Ready to Hire Clouseau to Find Clues!

FBI Director Robert Mueller admitted that U.S. government has no solid hard evidence on alleged foreign terrorists in 9-11 attacks...

Hmmm, after 7 months of the most intense investigation, the head of FBI admitted they got almost no hard evidence linking the alleged terrorists to the 9-11 attacks on NYC & Washington, DC. That's after unilaterally kidnapping hundreds of Afghan "illegal combatants" to makeshift concentration camps in Guantanamo, and secretly jailing of 1,200 or more alien residents in the U.S. for possible links to terrorism.

Not to mention that the convenient anthrax attacks that shut down Congress (just when the Bush/Cheney gang launched their TWA/RAH campaign (Terror War Abroad plus Repression At Home), now turns out to be home-grown. The Feds, after months of foot-dragging, sheepishly admitted the U.S.-developed Ames strain of anthrax was the most likely source, and it probably came from a military lab (Ft. Detrick) or someone who had worked in that lab. No foreign terrorist link here, either.

Then yesterday it was revealed that the initial claim of an Iraqi connection to alleged hijacker M. Atta having met with Baghdad officials in Prague was found to be unreliable, possibly even disinformation (maybe even coming from the OSI that warlord Rumps-felt set up?).

In other words, no credible evidence whatsoever. Certainly not enough to justify carpet bombing the hapless civilians of Afghanistan to the tune of more than 4,000 deaths from USAF ordnance alone! Not to mention spending $$billions to turn America overnight into a virtual war camp.

Perhaps it's time for the exasperated FBI to hire Inspector Clouseau to find better evidence (and vastly cheaper) than what they've managed to come up with so far.

On the other hand, maybe if the FBI really investigates truthfully, they may find uncomfortable evidence pointing closer and closer to home. Perhaps even to the secretive HQ of international Axis of Evil, located right around the corner at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

FBI Got Zilch on 9-11
Ready to Hire Clouseau to Find Clues!

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 2 May 2002

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