An Australian Response to John Howard

Australian Prime Minister is desperate to convince his people to back Bush's war. Now he is warning Australians that there "will be another Pearl Harbor". Little does he realise that the deception of Pearl Harbor offers some lessons about the deception of the war on terror.


The Deception of Pearl Harbor Again

Dear Prime Minister Howard,

Now you try and strike fear into your people’s hearts by threatening that 'Pearl Harbor can happen again here'. For once, you speak the truth and it is one of many 'truths' that the United States has covered with lies and deception.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen by the United States government of the day who had forewarning that Japanese fighters were on their way to Hawaii. Government officials did not warn the military base at Hawaii because they wanted the attack in order to push the American public into support for the United States entering the war.

The tables have turned today, but it is still the same game of deception. Today the United States is trying to push the international community into supporting their war for oil. Of course, this war is presented to the public as part of the “war on terror,“ a war that began on September 11, 2001, when the Bush Administration and the military junta allowed commercial airliners to be used as bombs. The so-called 'terrorist' attacks were preceded by four key events:

1. President Bush presenting a huge budget for the Pentagon to Congress on September 1. American media were asking at the time why? – w hen there is no enemy and no war.

2. Insider trading on American and United airlines stocks, trading that has not been linked back to any terrorist groups.

3. American Government meetings with the Taliban in July when pressure was applied to the Afghanistan government to allow an oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan. One official was quoted as saying; 'We can either carpet you with gold or with bombs'.

4. An investigation by the American media into the vote counting in Florida, which resulted in George Bush illegally claiming the Presidency.

Prime Minister, since you insist on linking this war to the 'war on terrorism', then it is time for the Australian media and the public to investigate the events surrounding September 11. Even a cursory review highlights dozens of inconsistencies in the official version of what happened. For example, are you aware of the technical impossibility making cell phone calls from an airliner flying at the height and speed of those airliners? The shocking truth of what happened on that day and who is responsible is slowly starting to emerge, and the Bush Administration is desperate to focus the world’s attention on war, rather than analyzing what really happened on 9-11.

Millions of Americans are also awakening to the painful truth that their Government presents the greatest terrorist threat to world peace. There are many angry Americans, and some of them are even pushing for the impeachment of Gorge Bush.

This, Prime Minister, is the country for which you so willingly sacrifice our sons and daughters in a war that has nothing to do with Australia.

Make no mistake about what you are doing. There is ample evidence already to take the United States and its allies to the International Criminal Court for war crimes committed in the last Gulf War and more recently in Afghanistan. And there are several million people around this world who are working together through the Internet to ensure that justice is eventually achieved.

Will President Bush protect you when you and your soldiers are charged with war crimes? Or will he allow another 'terrorist' attack to prove his point?

Wake up, Johnny. Come back home to your own people.

Wanda Fish

Comment to Article:

Ditto Wanda By White feather Thu Mar 13 '03

Couldn't agree more with you Wanda Fish. Also, don't forget about all the "phony" evidence we've seen as this whole charade began. Quran left all over the place, surviving passports, no hijacker's names on passenger lists, a half a dozen hijackers turning up alive. So far there has not been one Real piece of evidence presented.

And how dumb do they think we are - all that insider trading done, Bush carries on reading kid's stories, the Israeli spies all over the U.S., inexperienced hijackers flying huge jets with such precision, the WTC's imploding, their "sale" having just been completed for the first time in 30 years, and on and on and on.

Imagine if Al Queda or Osama had taken this whole shabang into a courtroom in defense of themselves. Any decent judge would have thrown the whole case out of court. Even the head of the FBI said there was not a shred of real evidence.

And now Iraq!!! Phony dossiers plagiarized. I notice the Prime Minister didn't mention that. He thinks Tony Blair is doing a wonderful job. Trying to sell this slaughter using fear as the excuse. It's a whole pile of garbage. We're scared of what might happen so we will kill you and your children. Pathetic.

Lies, lies, lies. Well not in my name or my families name or in any decent Australian's name.

The Deception of Pearl Harbor
An Australian’s Response to John Howard
By Wanda Fish with comment

Posted on the Independent Newswire on 13 March 2003.