This nation's 'political' and 'economic' systems are beyond salvation. The grotesque revelations of how many major corporations rob, cheat, lie, and steal is not indicative of just a few is indicative of a system which is now so evil and rotten as to be beyond belief, or redemption.

Mr. and Mrs. America and their children are being raped, ripped off, scammed, hustled, cheated, lied to as a matter of DAILY ROUTINE.

A few of these 'corporations' either come under investigation or indictment, or either declare bankruptcy or 'restate' their earnings (the newest buzz word for when a company gets caught in a massive criminal fraud/theft and tries to quickly backpeddle and publicly post some more reasonable figures to avoid, hopefully, prosecution.)

Politics are equally as perverse. The President lied about his oil company sales and the SEC Chairman won't DREAM of releasing those records. He loves his family too much.

This nation is now a haven for thieves, a paradise of easy pickings from nearly 300 million suckers and chumps. CRIME and CRIMINALITY are STRUCTURAL within both politics and business in the US. Sure, there are exceptions. But it is said evil dies from the top down and to watch the exposition of the TIP OF THE ICEBERG in some of the corporate soap operas, and amongst our highest 'leadership''s clear the rot is massive.

America, what's left of it, has been sold out and taken over in a silent coup d'etat. The fraud 'War On Terror' is being used to eliminate any nations that would stand in the way of US corporate hegemony. Soon Unocal or Chevron will enjoy control of and direct access to Iraq's oil fields and a puppet will rule from Baghdad.

Meanwhile, back home our non-elected 'leader' wants 1 out of 24 Americans to become volunteer spies and informers. Spend just a few minutes and think about that one. What type of people will generally be drawn to such 'public service'? And how easy will it be to turn in innocent people? Too damned easy.

Like the old joke about the man having died years ago but who is still walking around because no one told him about it, so is the status of our once beloved and hallowed nation.

Sold out early by the Federal Reserve Act passed by a bought-and-paid-for corrupt Congress...and then fast forward to the 'Patriot Act' ... the coup de gras ...passed by a traitorous, treasonous Congress which never ever READ this assassination of freedom and wasn't even PRINTED when the whores in Congress passed it. Think about that.

One could go on and on...the dysfunctional criminal 'justice' system and the 'attorneys'...the income tax, the skillful destruction of and programming of the once vibrant mass American mind via the DELIBERATE destruction of our public schools, and abetted by teevee, rock/rap 'music' and the popular 'culture', the intentional rape of America by permitting and allowing the invasion and occupation of our country by over 15 million illegal Latin immigrants...the list is overwhelming and almost beyond comprehension

Yes, there are wonderful, extraordinary, magnificent Americans here who are seeing reality. But there are not enough of them yet; not enough who can force the rebuilding of the baseline moral, economic and political judicial mechanism of this nation. Which is what it will take to 'fix' it. Eisenhower, in his finest (and final speech), warned of the 'military, industrial' and I will add 'Congressional/political' threat to America. Ike's worst fears have long since come to pass. He must be spinning in his grave with rage.

The point is simple, the colonists came to the New World to escape horrors similar in scope and malignancy of those which are being spewed upon us from nearly every institution of note in this land. The real difference now, however, is that we have nowhere to go...

America is Beyond Repair

Beyond Repair


Posted on the Independent Newswire on 20 August 2002

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