The signs of moral decay are everywhere and this threatens America’s security as much as planes and bombs.


America’s continuing moral decay poses a threat to survival because degenerates make poor soldiers, workers, patriots and spouses. The latest indicators:

• There is a move in the Senate, supported by, among others, Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) to draft legislation mandating that young girls can have an abortion without their parents’ knowledge.

• The ACLU is defending the North American Man-Boy Love Association in a Massachusetts lawsuit. This association of pedophiles practices forced and statutory rape on young boys and the ACLU is concerned about the perverts’ “constitutional rights.”

• A stripper is hired to entertain children at a party in a private home. The stripper expresses doubt about performing in front of children but is persuaded and applauded—by the parents of one of the kids.

The ACLU, Planned Parenthood and “powerful politicians are on a jihad to pass laws to allow underage girls to have abortions without parents’ consent,” said Bill Reilly, host of Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor.”

The ACLU took out a full-page ad in The New York Times to argue the case for childhood abortions.

O’Reilly tells of hearing from Carol, a distraught mother in Idaho:

“A pro-choice agency created an opportunity for our teen-age daughter to have an abortion without our consent. The only way we found out is that somebody called the house to ask how she was feeling. The organization did not speak with us and did not give us a chance to counsel our daughter and tell her how much we love her. You destroy a nation when you destroy family accountability.”

Most states have laws protecting children from abortions without parental counseling and they should not be negated by Congress, according to constitutional scholars. On what 10th Amendment grounds does Congress presume to act? Congress has passed legislation preventing people from drinking alcohol until age 21. So now it’s time to pass a law allowing children to have abortions without their parents’ consent?

Hillary Clinton “is a strong proponent of kids being able to get secret abortions,” O’Reilly said. “Of course, Mrs. Clinton does not answer questions about her positions, so it is impossible to know how she justifies her stance.”

Recently, according to police reports in Chappaqua, N.Y., a stripper named Nicole entered a middle-class house, looked at a crowd of boys and girls and asked if they were “a little young for my act.”

She was persuaded to perform to an enthusiastic young audience, although some of the girls departed in disgust, police said.

The shock was revealed by The New York Post, quoting a schoolboy football player saying: “Jeremy’s parents were right there, having a good time.”

Americans Striving to Combat Disturbing
Moral Degeneracy
By James P. Tucker Jr.

11 April 2002

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