The U.S.MEDIA dutifully and unceasingly "Propagandises" (between Commercials!) the Bush Govt's "Final Solution" for ridding America of the Evil Scourge of "Democracy"!


The American media has been virtually taken over by the fascist agenda of the Right Wing "Corporate" Hawks. Major U.S. T.V. and Cable networks are restricting their opinions and viewpoints and news coverage to coincide with the Pentagon's Brass and with "Wall Street's" George W. Bush, who is really their defacto "Chairman of the Board."

Cable networks like CNN &n CNBC have created a host of Right Wing political "Talk Shows" like "Hardball" and "Kudlow & Kramer" to hammer home their iniquitous political message.

CNBC's "Kudlow & Kramer" is unique because its two "Hosts" are among the most heinous, hate-filled "Bigots" and Corporate "Bag Lickers" who have ever been "Fouled" a television screen. Cable networks like CNBC and CNN are similiar to regular T.V. networks like NBC and CBS who have gone out of their way to accommodate and "propagandize" the fascist politics of America's (Corpo-Rat) Right Wing.

None of the regular or cable networks have a single program that offers a "differing" or "constructive" point of view. It’s all "Hate" All they have is "Pro War" Right Wing Hawks and Pentagon Generals who "promote" nothing but more military "Attacks" and "Bombings" on anyone they deem to be a "liability" or a "Lucrative Prospect" to their greedy Right Wing "Corporate" interests.

On American T.V. "news programs" there are NO "Democracy Experts" or "Negotiation Experts" or "Peace Experts" to be found. All there is, is "Attack Experts" and "Bombing Experts" and "War Experts."

Whats' really being broadcast on Wall Street's "Corporate-Owned-Television" these days is a kind of "Neo-American Fascism" that aims to "propagandize" and "brainwash" their greed driven, narrow-minded, Flag draped "Corpo-Rat Nazism" into the hearts and minds of the (so far) deluded and gullible public.

Ken Hawley

Posted on the Independent Media on 17 April 2003.