For anyone who seriously wants to stop the war on Iraq (and those proposed for Syria, Iran and North Korea), the most efficient means to do so, is not to sit around bemoaning how horrible it is, but to master and circulate the material in the forthcoming LaRouche pamphlet on the Straussian Chickenhawks—Children of Satan (which will be reprinted in Australia within the next week, for mass distribution. This pamphlet, combined with the “hot-of-the-press” video How the patron saint of the anti-war movement organized the Iraq war (featured on page 2), represents the point of intervention which can change history. Call us on 1800-636-432 to place your order for this indispensable material.

To understand what is driving Bush and Rumsfeld at this point, people must understand the actually fascist philosophy of the self-conscious group of Straussians, that have taken over the U.S. Administration’s policy.

As Jeff Steinberg writes in the “Ignoble Liars” section of the pamphlet, the launching of the attack on Iraq marked the culmination of a campaign of more than a dozen years by this gang, and, “it signaled a long-in-the-making policy putsch in Washington by a small group of neo-conservatives—a majority of whom were followers of the German-born fascist philosopher Leo Strauss (1899 – 1973).”

“Their policy,” Steinberg continues, “is to permanently transform the United States, from a Constitutional republic, dedicated to the pursuit of the general welfare and a community of principle among perfectly sovereign nation-states, into a brutish, post-modern imitation of the Roman Empire, engaged in murderous imperial adventures abroad, and brutal police-state repression at home.”

This gang is now moving into what they—in typical lying Strauss fashion—describe as the “post-war” period, but which LaRouche has correctly identified as simply the next phase in a policy of continuous war. This is the installation of a U.S. military dictatorship over Iraq, combined with preparations for the next attack, for which Syria and Iran are being prepared as probable targets, with North Korea not far behind.

The Perle-Wolfowitz gang dropped their puppet “Free Iraqi Army” into southern Iraq last weekend, which were described by a Baltimore Sun editorial as “a group of squabbling exiles headed by Ahmed Chalabi, a banker who left his native land 45 years ago….” That’s fine as far as it goes, but what people need the Children of Satan pamphlet to find out, is that Chalabi and his London barstool gang, were actually hand-picked for this mission, by key figures in the Straussian Chickenhawk nest in the Pentagon.

As increasingly evidenced, evening our own mass media (AFR Apr 7 “Perle’s fighting retreat” and Apr 8 “Blair takes on Bush’s hawks”), there is a widespread recognition, and disgust, at the Pentagon civilians’ effort to create “facts on the ground” by unilaterally proceeding to install a military occupation government, with Chalabi as the front-man, in Iraq, while at the same time telling the UN, Europe, and everyone else, to go to hell.

Rumsfeld is also telling Congress that they can go to hell, by asserting that he (and President Bush) will override Congress’ Constitutional responsibility to appropriate funds and oversee their expenditure. In the face of insistence, by both Congressional Republicans and Democrats, that so-called “re-construction” funds must go through the State Department, not the Pentagon, Rusmsfeld says it makes no difference what Congress says, “the President” (i.e., Cheney and Rumsfeld) will decide how to spend the money. This gang has already launched a war without the Constitutionally-required Congressional Declaration of War, and now they want to move into the next phase, of imperial military occupation, in defiance of Congress’ Constitutionally-mandated prerogatives. One could ask: Is this the next phase of the Straussian coup in the United States?

Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz are way overexposed. But for opponents of the war to effectively exploit this vulnerability, they need the ammunition we are now putting out.

To Stop This War – Stop the Straussian “Children of Satan”
By the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Australian Alert Service
Vol. 5, No. 14, April 10, 2003