"Woe To The World" - by Ann Jones

Given the amount of information that has been steadily uncovered from the World Trade Center collapse, and the revealing facts, questions, inconsistencies and policies that have arisen from it, this remarkable poem by Ann Jones came out about a week after the collapse, i.e. the ordnance destroyed Towers and the Pentagon on 11 September, 2001.


America she weeps, her heart torn out
unsure of her future, enshrouded in doubt

She seeks retribution as she mourns for her dead,
The American ideal now torn to shreds

She is full of bitterness, she seethes with ire
she knows not the enemy who dared to conspire

Her eyes are glazed over and she sees not
the true enemy behind this evil plot

Within her own country the enemy lies
hidden and plotting another surprise

Deep is its cunning covert is its plan
to force America into war with the middle eastern man

As the evil ones smile and say, let the war unfold
and fool the world into believing the lies they're being told

They watch us play into their hands as we turn against each other
and seethe with anger deep inside toward our dark skinned brother

Woe to the world in trouble now we must demand to know the truth,
Our governments must hear us now and present us with solid proof

For if they use this military force against the dark skinned nations,
They must ask themselves if their action is right before they send us to hell and damnation

Make no mistake this will surely be if they carry out this raid,
There will be no reprisal, it will finish us all I'm afraid.

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